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Scary Ventures

I have finally done it. My theatre website has gone live!  http://www.theatresoutheast.com

Those of you who visit this blog regularly will know that I generally like to share my ‘theatre love’ with anyone who will listen. I try and promote theatre and aim to get more people to seeing live entertainment, as in my opinion it is so much better than sitting at home.

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Tunbridge Wells Ice Rink is now open!

The town’s real ice rink opened on Friday night in the picturesque Calverley Grounds.

The opening ceremony took place in the beautifully lit park with skating performances by Silver Blades solo figure-skaters Dixie Bignell and Freya Godfrey, to an ice skating duet with Yasmin Kerkham and Cassie Stone.

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Sleeping Beauty Horsham

Sleeping Beauty|North Heath Hall, Horsham| 12th and 13th Dec

Deep in the Enchanted Forest a beautiful baby is born to the King and Queen. Fairies far and wide are invited to apply for the position of Fairy Godmother. When Maleficent is not chosen she lays a curse on the baby so that on her eighteenth birthday she will prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die. It is now up to Aurora’s Fairy Godmothers, Fairy Nuff and Fairy Liquid to save Aurora from Maleficent’s curse. Will they be able to save her or will Maleficent win?

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Billy Elliot/Brodie

39th Billy Elliot takes to the Stage tonight! | Billy Elliot | Victoria Palace | Christmas Schedule

Today, 19 November 2014, eleven year-old Brodie Donougher from Blackpool, gives his first performance in the title role of the internationally award winning Billy Elliot the Musical.  Brodie joins a cast lead by Ruthie Henshall who plays Mrs Wilkinson, Billy’s dance teacher and Deka Walmsley who plays Billy’s dad, and becomes the thirty-ninth boy to perform the iconic role at the Victoria Palace Theatre and the seventy-sixth boy to perform the role worldwide, including Jamie Bell who played Billy Elliot in the award-winning film.

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Un Cas De Nostalgie - Pi the Mime

Mimetic Festival 2014 | The Vaults | runs until the 29th Nov

The Mimetic Festival at the Waterloo Vaults runs from the 18th until the 29th November. It showcases cutting edge cabaret and theatre like you have never seen it before.

Even after attending the official press launch on Monday I cannot tell you what to expect. I think the whole point is to expect the unexpected. If you haven’t been before even getting the venue is an adventure. To get to ‘The Vaults’ which is underneath – Waterloo station! To get there you walk down Leake Street which is covered in colourful graffiti of the most artistic kind.

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