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All Change – A new site is on it’s way! THEATRE SOUTH EAST!

I would like to apologise if posting seems to be a tad erractic at the moment – I keep being asked when I am going to do another personal post as this site seems to have really been taken over by theatre posts now.

So if you are wondering how I am doing in my 101 in 1001 or what crazy things have been happening lately, you will have to wait a little longer – but hopefully not too long.

As well as managing my family, my work and countless other things, I have been spending my time developing a new theatre website.

I split my personal twitter page and my theatre twitter page a little while ago now as they were getting a bit confused. The same is happening with this blog.

So stand by – a bit split is on it’s way. This one will remain all about lil ol’ me  ‘Sammioneill’ and I am about to publish – Theatre South East, a new blog promoting theatre in London and the South East. Pretty well what I have been doing here but a bit more specialised and hopefully will look a bit smarter….. Do you want a quick peek?

Of course you do……




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www.theatresoutheast.com – no, not quite ready – but getting there.

I have quite a lot finalised already but am struggling a bit with the final details so bear with me, it is alllllmost ready. Quite proud with what I have learnt up until now :)

Thanks to Jo Digby Designs I have a new logo. I will miss my Little Miss Magic logo, but I think you’ll agree, she has seen her day.

Little Miss Magic

I thought it was a good likeness. – well maybe not :)




Theatre South East will hopefully be exactly what the same suggests, I hope to provide information about theatre productions in London and the South East, if I could stretch myself any further I would.

I hope to get local theatres fully on board and provide listings, news, gossip, interviews, features, reviews, professional, amateur, you name it. I will also provide my thoughts on West End theatre where I can, because currently I seem to be spending an awful lot of time there (It’s a hard life).

I would be interested to hear what YOU would find useful. Ideas would be gratefully recieved. Please send me a comment in the box provided below.

I will continue to write my Saturday Morning Column for http://www.EastGrinsteadOnline.com and write reviews and articles for

Downstage Centre
and Everything-Theatre

busy busy bee I am.

Please contact me in you have any questions / suggestions.

Thanks for listening, and please support the new site.

Sammi x x x


Sleeping Beauty Horsham

Sleeping Beauty|North Heath Hall, Horsham| 12th and 13th Dec

Deep in the Enchanted Forest a beautiful baby is born to the King and Queen. Fairies far and wide are invited to apply for the position of Fairy Godmother. When Maleficent is not chosen she lays a curse on the baby so that on her eighteenth birthday she will prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die. It is now up to Aurora’s Fairy Godmothers, Fairy Nuff and Fairy Liquid to save Aurora from Maleficent’s curse. Will they be able to save her or will Maleficent win?

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Billy Elliot/Brodie

39th Billy Elliot takes to the Stage tonight! | Billy Elliot | Victoria Palace | Christmas Schedule

Today, 19 November 2014, eleven year-old Brodie Donougher from Blackpool, gives his first performance in the title role of the internationally award winning Billy Elliot the Musical.  Brodie joins a cast lead by Ruthie Henshall who plays Mrs Wilkinson, Billy’s dance teacher and Deka Walmsley who plays Billy’s dad, and becomes the thirty-ninth boy to perform the iconic role at the Victoria Palace Theatre and the seventy-sixth boy to perform the role worldwide, including Jamie Bell who played Billy Elliot in the award-winning film.

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Un Cas De Nostalgie - Pi the Mime

Mimetic Festival 2014 | The Vaults | runs until the 29th Nov

The Mimetic Festival at the Waterloo Vaults runs from the 18th until the 29th November. It showcases cutting edge cabaret and theatre like you have never seen it before.

Even after attending the official press launch on Monday I cannot tell you what to expect. I think the whole point is to expect the unexpected. If you haven’t been before even getting the venue is an adventure. To get to ‘The Vaults’ which is underneath – Waterloo station! To get there you walk down Leake Street which is covered in colourful graffiti of the most artistic kind.

The Vaults is a fantastic place, a long tunnel with various rooms shooting off, each one has temporarily been turned into a mini theatre for the purposes of the Mimetic Festival.

Best yet at the end of the tunnel is a long room which is now Pi the Mime’s Bar. Drinks are reasonably priced and it is an ideal place to hang out, linger with the performers while waiting for shows. During the two-week festival there are over 120 performances from a wide range of puppeteers, cabaret and theatre artists.

Pi took on the role of compere for the press night and introduced 5 acts that would perform during the festival. They each gave us a 10 minute taster of their hour-long act to show us what we could expect.

As you would expect, the acts were chosen to show variety and each of the acts we saw were indeed VERY different. First up was the Familia de la Noche whose mime/song show The Greatest Liar in the World starts the festival and plays each night until the 22nd at 8pm. Visually intriguing,  10 mins definitely wasn’t long enough to see what these players had in store for the audience.

Nothing to see here performed by Kimbo Theatre (UK) followed. This is a drama exploring relationships and imagination. This runs for only two nights 18th and 19th (6.30pm).

Marion Deprez is Gorgeous is described as a one-woman physical comedy show is performed 25th -29th Nov at 8.20pm.  Marion convinces us that our concept of beauty is not always what we believe it to be. Although I found this amusing I do wonder how she develops her 10 min piece into an hour’s show.

My favourite act of the evening was Holestar, whose one-woman cabaret act I would definately like to see. She sang Sondheim’s I’m still here to ahem…rather unusual lyrics and had me in Stritches (get it? – oh never mind).  I am not joking it was VERY funny. (Tonight only – why?!?! 8.30pm)

I also really enjoyed the last act, Boris and Sergey’s Preposterous Improvisation Experiment. Skilled puppeteers made a strangely bizzare looking puppet dance to Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights in a sexual, provocative way. sound strange? – It was, but very entertaining.

There are over 30 acts to see at the Mimetic Festival and all the acts are different and push boundaries in different ways, so there is something for everyone (well perhaps not children :D ), there is loads to see and it is cheap! Where else could you see 3 shows in an evening for half the price of a West End show?

Grab a few mates, grab a programme, get down to Waterloo and experiment, I have a feeling you’ll be glad you did!

The Mimetic Festival is running from the 18th – 29th November at the Waterloo Vaults.

Full programme can be viewed here

Interview with artistic director Alexander Parsonage and cabaret programmer Casia Ciarico can be read here

Article about bursary winner Michael Twaits can be read here

Ticket prices vary IRO £10.00 – £15.00

Available Online here




101 in 1001 – learn a new word everyday for a month.

Well this wasn’t going to happen was it? First of all you lose count, then you miss a day etc etc.

My son, ever the logical one, came up with a foolproof system. It didn’t really matter if I missed a few days, but as long as I learned 31 words. He suggested keeping count by each word beginning with each letter of the alphabet then the majority would be done. Easy.

So what do you do then? grab a dictionary and find a random word? No, that doesn’t work either.

I have never pretended that I know how to write elequently, I know that my grammar, punctuation and content is appalling and thank God for spell check. I am ashamed of how badly I did at school however nothing is going to change that now. Shouldn’t have regrets we should just move forwards.

I write as I speak – utter garbage. .What am I doing, writing 2 blogs? Learning the hard way I guess.

Luckily I have some very wordy pals.  I enlisted one of them to help. She agreed to text a word each day.  As my friend texted me the words we began to realise fairly quickly (by the letter D) that often I knew the word, the problem lay in having the confidence or ability to use it.

A new challenge was born (by the letter F) Instead of learning 31 random unusable words. I have to try and get each of these words into a blog and more importantly in context. Here is how I did.

make (something bad or unsatisfactory) better.
“the reform did much to ameliorate living standards”

begin to grow or increase rapidly; flourish.
“manufacturers are keen to cash in on the burgeoning demand”

increasing or increased in quantity, degree, or force by successive additions.
“the cumulative effect of two years of drought”
Contiguous Nearby adjacent













Calamity Jane (293x440)

Calamity Jane | The Hawth Crawley & on Tour |Review

I had been looking forward to Calamity Jane since the announcement that it would be coming to The Hawth at Crawley. It is one of those iconic classic MGM musicals of the 1950s which everyone seems to know well.

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Cinderella & the Beanstalk | Theatre 503, Battersea | 2nd Dec – 10th Jan

Sleeping Trees Theatre Compnay have booked Theatre 503. They’ve bought the costumes. But, there’s just one problem. They’ve forgotten to cast any actors. These boys aren’t the kind of people to let an obstacle like this get in the way so they’re just going to have to play all the parts themselves.

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