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All Change – A new site is on it’s way! THEATRE SOUTH EAST!

I would like to apologise if posting seems to be a tad erractic at the moment – I keep being asked when I am going to do another personal post as this site seems to have really been taken over by theatre posts now.

So if you are wondering how I am doing in my 101 in 1001 or what crazy things have been happening lately, you will have to wait a little longer – but hopefully not too long.

As well as managing my family, my work and countless other things, I have been spending my time developing a new theatre website.

I split my personal twitter page and my theatre twitter page a little while ago now as they were getting a bit confused. The same is happening with this blog.

So stand by – a bit split is on it’s way. This one will remain all about lil ol’ me  ‘Sammioneill’ and I am about to publish – Theatre South East, a new blog promoting theatre in London and the South East. Pretty well what I have been doing here but a bit more specialised and hopefully will look a bit smarter….. Do you want a quick peek?

Of course you do……




Facebook Page






www.theatresoutheast.com – no, not quite ready – but getting there.

I have quite a lot finalised already but am struggling a bit with the final details so bear with me, it is alllllmost ready. Quite proud with what I have learnt up until now :)

Thanks to Jo Digby Designs I have a new logo. I will miss my Little Miss Magic logo, but I think you’ll agree, she has seen her day.

Little Miss Magic

I thought it was a good likeness. – well maybe not :)




Theatre South East will hopefully be exactly what the same suggests, I hope to provide information about theatre productions in London and the South East, if I could stretch myself any further I would.

I hope to get local theatres fully on board and provide listings, news, gossip, interviews, features, reviews, professional, amateur, you name it. I will also provide my thoughts on West End theatre where I can, because currently I seem to be spending an awful lot of time there (It’s a hard life).

I would be interested to hear what YOU would find useful. Ideas would be gratefully recieved. Please send me a comment in the box provided below.

I will continue to write my Saturday Morning Column for http://www.EastGrinsteadOnline.com and write reviews and articles for

Downstage Centre
and Everything-Theatre

busy busy bee I am.

Please contact me in you have any questions / suggestions.

Thanks for listening, and please support the new site.

Sammi x x x


The Son of Heaven, the Servant of God & the Map of the World | Blue Elephant Theatre, Camberwell | 11-15 Nov

You may travel about while reclining at ease, and scan the countries of the world without going out of doors.”

Beijing, 1582. An Italian Jesuit presents the Emperor of China with a map as tall as a man and twice as wide, one of the first ever to show the whole world, old and new, East and West.

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Pucini Madama Butterfly | Assembly Hall Theatre, Tunbridge Wells | Thur 20th Nov

Opera must triumph over war!

Producer Ellen Kent talks about the dramatic difficulties she had bringing Madame Butterfly to the UK from war-torn Europe.


Assembly Hall Theatre, Tunbridge Wells

Thursday 20th Nov.

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Free Fall | Pleasance Theatre, Islington | 14th Oct – 1st Nov 2014

The World Premiere ofPolaroid theatre

FREE FALL by Vinay Patel

14th October – 1st November, Pleasance Islington

From emerging writer Vinay Patel, the world premiere of Free Fall will run at Pleasance Islington from Tuesday 14 October until Saturday 1 November

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Jacques Brel is alive and well and living in Paris | Charing Cross Theatre | Review

Jacques Brel is alive and well and living in Paris.Jacques Brel sq

Charing Cross Theatre

Running until November 22nd.

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Over 200 Dancers Audition for Sleeping Beauty | The Hawth Crawley | Panto News

Evolution, the producers of the year’s Hawth pantomime Sleeping Beauty auditioned over 200 Audition queuelocal dancers for their juvenile teams at The Hawth last week. After putting all the hopefuls through their paces, 23 girls were selected to appear alongside TV star, Stephen Mulhern, impressionist Hilary O’Neil and CBeebies’ Cat Sandion in the smash-hit show, Sleeping Beauty.

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War Horse Joey visits the poppy installtion, "Blood swept lands and seas of red" at the Tower of London with writer Michael Morpurgo

War Horse at the Tower of London | Sunday 19th Oct



 Sunday 19 October

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