East Grinstead Catholic Parish

Some of you may know that I upload the Church Newsletter onto their website each week. That was the full extent of my responsibilities until recently but with Churches unable to hold services, I have started uploading messages from our Parish Priest Fr. Jack and letters from the bishop’s etc.

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Good Morning Isolators

Hello Isolators,

How are you doing? Genuinely interested, let me know – do you need anything? Are you feeling well? Please message, I am pretty busy still, but I shall get around to answering I promise.

It is so ironic, I have so many things on my to-do list that they wouldn’t get done if I was isolated for a year, however even without my usual shenanigans, my feet haven’t touched the ground this week.

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Gardening under sufferance

Counting my blessings that we have a decent sized garden whereas many don’t. This afternoon I have dug over the vegetable patch. This is not unusual, I do this every year, I occasionally get around to planting things too.

But I am such a rubbish gardener, I never have any success 😂

Last year, I actually planted quite a lot, and I assumed nothing had grown because nothing was visible. Digging over the ground today I found bumper crop! (Second picture) obviously now inedible.

So as this is the year for learning something new please can the gardeners out there tell me:

A: why I can’t grow anything?
B: when I do, they are less than an inch long
C: what can I do so that I may grow delicious crops to eat, freeze and give away?


A few rambling thoughts

A few rambling thoughts.

How is everyone doing??? Adjusting?

Trying times for all of us, particularly if you are physically active or always out and about.

I learned from our time during SARS is that social interaction is the most important. You will go stir crazy very quickly.

One thing that has improved since 2003 is digital communication. We can share a glass of wine, have a giggle and a chat, watch tv, movies together or even play quiz games but it might be on WhatsApp, FaceTime, zoom or Skype.

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What is going on?

This is the first time I have logged on in ages.

My poor blog has been forgotten in the past few months due to a VERY busy life trying to manage 4 part time jobs, burning the candle at both ends taking my son swim training, and trying but failing to nurture my theatre obsession.

Now most things have ground to a halt, there is a little time to reflect and put life into perspective, my 101in1001 things won’t get done – was that also too much pressure? Hopes and dreams have been dashed. Lives have changed forever.

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My #101in1001 challenge 40% update

Day Zero Project

I finish this challenge on July 29th 2020 and absolutely horrified that I am yet to complete even half of the challenges. As I have explained though, life takes its twists and turns and you have no idea where it is going to take you, which can be part of the fun, but haha also a bit of a nightmare.

This has been a really fun section of the challenge because it has incorporated a HUGE holiday which helped tick off quite a few tasks taking me into the next update.

Looking at my remaining challenges – health, exercise and fitness has been and always will be my sticking point – heeeeeeelp!

Here is a record of ten challenges I have managed to tick off.

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