Kettners | A perfect pre-theatre dining experience in London

As I go to the theatre regularly I am usually juggling which train to catch and I grab a quick sandwich to eat on the train or if I am late, I eat on the way home. On the rare occasion I I do eat in London it is usually fast food on the hoof.

So when Official Theatre and Kettners asked me to sample a pre-theatre dining experience I was a little bemused not to mention delighted. A quick look at their menu on the Kettner’s website and I was sold – it looked DE-LI-CIOUS!

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The Railway Children poster (322x440)

Theatre Reviews 2015

Even though I have transferred all my reviews to www.theatresoutheast.com I am still aware that people are checking back on this site for them.

Please forgive me, I shall links here as well just so that no-one misses out on some of the wonderful experiences that I have had. I have started this – more with be added soon :)

This are the reviews that I have done personally, for my guest reviewers reviews you need to visit Theatre South East… Happy Reading.

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#101in1001 #28 Get a new hobby,

To ‘Find a New Hobby‘ was on my 101 things in a 1001 days list because for the last ten years I had dedicated a lot of time tirelessly raising money for my children’s primary school and although I loved every minute of it, I felt it was time to do something for myself. I had found my 10 years at the school fulfilling, enjoyable and social and I desperately needed something to replace a huge hole in my life.

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#101in1001 #29 Do a jigsaw every school holiday – Ongoing

I love jigsaws, but I don’t often spend time to doing them. I cannot justify the time, however I added this to my 101 in 1001 list for several reasons. Sometimes you just need to stop and do something ‘just for the sake of it’ also it is great family time, often when other members of the family join in, it is a great time for communication.

Bit of a boring post for you to read though folks! Apologies :D

Here is how I am getting on….

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The best way to Swim

#101in1001 #97 Go Swimming!

Yeah yeah – I am a little late posting this – like 6 months late (ticking them off slowly).

This may seem a bit of an easy challenge to add to my 101in1001 list but for me, it was going to be one of the hardest!

The History.

Swimming and I don’t mix, it is not just because I am  a ridiculously poor swimmer – I just don’t like it! Therefore as I rarely go near water (to swim in) I don’t feel the need to learn.

In the distant past when I was in middle school years ago we had our weekly swimming lesson at Riverside Centre, in Stafford. I hated it! It was humiliating.  I was in the ‘red’ group (the ones yet to swim a width of the toddler pool – 5m). As time went on there were less and less in that group as everyone progressed to the ‘green’ group in the adult pool.

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