The danger of entering Twitter Competitions and why I blog and not review

I love twitter, not sure I have mentioned that yet. I lurk a fair bit and post and retweet what interests or amuses me. Anyway lounging around on Wednesday night I saw a ticket agency @Shows_inLondon tweet that they had a competition for two tickets so see ‘Let the right one in’ at the Apollo Theatre – the only stipulation was that the winner had to go the following night. I nonchalantly retweeted.

Following morning I was working away when my phone beeped at about 11am to say I had won the tickets. What followed then was nothing short of panic!

I have children who would be home from school at 3.30pm, Hubby wasn’t going to be back home until 10ish, I live an hour’s train journey from London, Could I drop everything? Don’t be ridiculous! Who could do the same and come with me? No I couldn’t possibly go. A quick round of messaging on Facebook and I had my children sorted. I have wonderful friends. I have a friend who works in London, so I Facebooked her and sent a text and then got on with my day.

Almost… What was I meant to be seeing? Oh Good Lord…..

Let the Right One in is an onstage adaptation of John Ajvide Lindqvist’s Swedish horror novel and film, reworked for the stage by BAFTA award winning writer Jack Thorne. Like the original novel of the same name, the play is a heartfelt love story between two children, one of whom turns out to be a vampire…

Somewhat out of my comfort zone this – I am the sort of person who would hide behind the sofa at Dr Who! I do musicals – jazz hands – tappy feet. I can’t remember the last time I saw  a play let alone one about vampires! Good grief.

By mid afternoon I was getting concerned as my mate still hadn’t got back to me so rang her at work – ten minutes later I had someone to go with. So after sorting the children out, organising schedules and getting ready I was on the 5.30 train to London – whoop whoop – something different. Not quite sure on the content but all the more reason to celebrate doing something wild and different.

Was apprehensive enough but thrilled to find out it was at the Apollo Theatre in Shaftsbury Avenue, which is where part of the ceiling fell down in December on the audience of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime, back in December. The chaos meant Shafesbury Avenue closed that night. The ceiling now has a painted screen covering it which I assume will match the production showing, as it certainly fitted with ‘Let the Right One In’ (more in another post).

BBC Footage from that night

Views from Lyn Gardner 7th April 2014

It was amazing to win the competition and I thank @shows_inlondon wholeheartedly. It was a fantastic surprise and you looks after us very well. Added bonus was an interval drink.

Visit their website. Their prices seems pretty reasonable
bearing in mind what I said in my ‘theatre tickets’ post, I will definitely be checking them out in the future 😉

I didn’t realise until today that the show was still in previews and press night is next Monday. I am very proud to have been in one of #LTROI ‘s test audiences. I hope that Monday will bring you great reviews.

Talking of which….

After my first (and last) attempt of a review last week, I realise I am definitely not as eloquent as when I wrote reviews all those years ago for the Stafford Post. For several reasons really,

a: Rusty as anything
b: How am I qualified to say whether anything is good or bad? I like what I like.
c: I love the theatre, I love live entertainment, I like to be entertained. Just sitting in the auditorium gives me a thrill.

I read a blog the other day by Terri Paddock who explains it much better and if she isn’t qualified to judge, then I certainly am not.  Read more here

So I shall certainly tell you about the production – tomorrow, in the form of information, links, photos etc however I am going to forget my handy little ‘Star Rating’ Widget – I shall leave that to the experts. I shall give you my opinion ccertainly but it will be for amusement only.

And a warning – don’t ever enter a Twitter competition unless you are sure that you can claim the prize 🙂

Have you ever won one (Theatre or otherwise) and was it what you were expecting?


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