How to gain momentum…..? Plans.

Well for all my ambitions, this blog is already neglected, it was meant to be a record of what I have seen in the theatre and the media supporting it. Mainly for my own amusement and if other people want to read it fantastic.

Since my last entry I have seen 3 productions – have I blogged about them? No.

Why? Age old excuse…. Concentrating of 100 balls in the air at the moment. I will get round to them I know but they may be less detailed than I would have liked.

Blogs coming soon
Relative Values
Other ongoing productions I have seen
Discuss the What’s On Stage 100 musicals of all time as voted by their readers

Productions I am about to see
Matilda and Avenue Q

Lastly I do a lot of browsing of media and blogs – yes, that is probably why I haven’t started this list yet, I would ALSO like to give a weekkly rundown of what has interested me or amused me…..

So lots to do

Will I get around to all this?

Probably not, this is why I have published this blog…..I need motivation. quite a few of my 101in1001 things focus around the theatre and this blog. I have got to make it work?

Yes encouragement welcomed.





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