Pages, Posts, Menus, Categories and Tags

This blogging is confusing and definiately not for the impatient like me.

First you set up a blog,
Writing posts is easy enough, can waffle like the rest,But where do you put them?
Ah is that what categories are all about? Should you just tag? What are people more likely to click on?
Why would they click in the first place?
Too many categories now.
Ahhhhh, Pages are generic subjects that don’t change – got it.
But hang on, what happens when you want to update  a post page.
Better change that page to a post.
But now the ‘was page’/’now post’ is all out of date.
Not a problem, no-one reads it anyhow!
For my own enjoyment.
So where would I like to find things?
I don’t bloody well know.
I like the colour,
Hang on, didn’t I read a blog somewhere, different colours evoke different moods?
What mood do I want? Relaxing, exciting?
Maybe I should change the theme, should I pay for one, are they more exciting if you pay? Maybe you get more facilities if you do. Eeek more to learn.
Should I have more categories in the menu? Maybe an index or something.
What shall I write about, I want it to be good, I want lots of people to read it; maybe. Hmmm can’t give it the time it needs at the moment, maybe tomorrow.
I have 8 draft posts.
Mmmm I like the colour








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