101in1001 10% Down – Update

Just over a month ago, I decided that my life had to take on a different direction, I needed new challenges, I needed to get away from the computer, I needed to take control, I needed a lot of things.

Friends of mine had taken the 101 in 1001 project and therefore had inspired me to do the same. The idea is quite simple, to decide upon 101 things you want to achieve in 1001 days.

To come up with the original list is quite tricky in the first place. The first 50 or so are easy and then you slow right down and you start putting down things just for the sake of it, complete a colouring book is a good example in my case. With the help of my children though I persevered and the list was completed. You can see my original list here however if you want to see my current progress you’ll have to visit:


I was going to update the page on my blog but updating two pages is very time consuming.  So apologies I am so busy doing my 101 thing that I haven’t got time.

I must admit I am fairly impressed with myself that in just over a month I am 10% through my list – after all I have three years to do this in. However I am ploughing through the daily ones and a lot of the others will take a week or a month to complete and therefore will not be as easy.


Complete my list of 101 things and complete 7 challenges in one week
Two of the challenges I have completed were a little bit ‘cheaty’ as well. The first was to complete the list but as I explained, this wasn’t an easy task and I did need the help of my family to do this. Another rogue task was to ‘Complete 7 goals in a week’ which I did do and again without this incentive I would have procrastinated.

So what else have I done to gain 10% of my tasks?

Get a personal shopping assistant
The first, (and probably the most fun thing) was to get myself a Personal Shopper. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate shopping and only ever go for the children and I hate to tell you how old some of the things in my wardrobe are. I had the Mayor’s Ball coming up and as I felt like a piece of baggage at the previous couple of balls I have been too, I decided to get a personal shopper so that I could look at least a little presentable. Good plan except that when my sister-in-law turned up the weekend before she loaned me a dress that was absolutely perfect.

Now if it wasn’t for this list I would have cancelled the personal shopper right there, but I thought that I would take the opportunity to
A: Cross the first item off
B: Get some accessories for the ball

So I went to Debenhams in Crawley and met Rachel. She was lovely, and wasn’t judgemental at all. I was half expecting her to look at the dress and promptly go and find something better but she didn’t, she agreed it was just right and in the next 45 minutes had fitted me out with underwear, shoes, brooch and bag (well OK , the bag was a gift from my sister-in-law). Ball Sorted!

A personal shopping trip is an hour and a half so we spent the remainder of the time getting myself some casual clothes too, 2 DRESSES!?!, a cardigan, a top and cropped jeans. I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman!

I would HEARTILY recommend a personal shopper if you are like me and find shopping for myself 100 Happy Days (53)really difficult. Rachel made it very easy and comfirtable and I am seriously considering going once a year for 90 minutes to get kitted up for the year.

The shopper is free but of course she finds you very nice things to buy and I ended up spending £200 however I don’t need to go shopping again for a long time! Result! Good experience.



Write a letter to myself to be opened when the 1001 days is over
One of the first challenges I did was to write myself a letter to open after the 1001 days is up. I wrote about what I was hoping to achieve and where I thought I would be. My daughter is keeping it safe for me so I have already forgotten most of what I wrote.

Write a letter to myself to be opened in 10 years time.
Fairly similar to the one above to be honest (maybe I shouldn’t have put them both) but I must admit it was VERY strange imagining life in 2014.

Win the LotteryNational Lottery
This was my wild card and the only thing that was COMPLETELY out of my control. The idea was to remind myself to buy a ticket, it is hilarious that in a month I have won the Euromillions THREE times, unfortunatley the grand total of all wind combined is less than £15.


Get my bike fixed and go for a cycle ride
Then came half term, perfect opportunity to do a few things with the family. I was determined to do my best to reach 7 items on my list. So day 1, I did a bike ride with my sons, sounds easy? Writing this at the start of this 1001 journey you wouldn’t BELIEVE how unfit I am, spending the last two years at a computer has really taken it’s toll, as did the bike ride. Ouch

You HONESTLY think there was going to be a picture for this one? Think again.

Walk in Ashdown ForestFind a new forest trail
We live on the edge of the beautiful Ashdown Forest where we go walking occasionally, trouble is we always do the same walks, so I made one of my challenges to find a new walk, we tried a new one but it wasn’t as nice as the ones we do already so although I have ticked it off I think I need to extend that challenge.

Blacklands activity with family
Archery at BlacklandsWe live down the road from an outdoor activity centre run by the Girl Guiding association called Blacklands Farm. You can read more about it in another blog. For years I have been sending my children there with the guides or scouts and they are quite adept at the activities. So now it was my turn. We had a fantastic time doing Archery, first learning how to do it safely, shooting a few arrows and then playing a few team games, the girls won!

Challenge involving heights
Abseiling Another challenge I had on my list was something to do with heights. I am not afraid of heights, I do get myself in a tizz though if I don’t feel safe. Therefore relying on a rope and lowering yourself off a tower was extremely frightening but yes I abseiled, 4 times in fact. No, I didn’t particularly  enjoy it, but I am less terrified and I conquered – that was the hardest TICK so far.

Publish Something Somewhere (other than on my blog)
When I put down this challenge I really thought it would be something to do with work, however an opportunity arose sooner than expected. A new community website for East Grinstead asked me if I had any ‘theatre reviews’ for their website. After having the usual discussion about why I don’t like judging shows we agreed that I should write a regular column on things to do in the local area and a few theatre bits as well. My first ‘column’ was last week and I must admit I was very nervous about it being published, but that is another thing definitely ticked.

Article on ‘Let the Right One In’
Article on ‘Matilda’


Learn how to makHot Cross Bunse Hot Cross Buns
My son adores Hot Cross Buns and so when we were putting this list together at Easter it was a natural thing to put on. Must admit they looked a bit like Baked Potatos and were a bit hard BUT I will definitely make them again and take them out of the oven a little earlier.




Lots of things on my list are ‘in progress’ but not quite ticked off yet.

Make a birthday Cake for someone – I made one for my Father-In-Law but my son iced it so I cannot take complete credit.
Go to the theatre once a month – well in progress 🙂
Read each book club suggestion – two down, but need to keep this going until the end of the challenge.
Learn to identify the flowers in my garden – In progress, I know a few with the help of @Rhurocket
Find 101 great quotes – Collecting them and putting them onto boards in my Pinterest Account.
Complete a jigsaw each school holiday _ currently doing number 3
Find 100 things that make me happy – See my posts on 100 Happy Days
Speak to a crowd of over 100 people – Did this at the school Funday but that doesn’t count as it it well within my comfortzone.
exercise for an hour a week – starting slow but I am definitely doing more than I was.

The ones I am most worried about completing:
Drink nothing but water for a week.
Sort Photos (that is a job that’ll take 3 years in itself)
Lose a stone – hmmmm
All the travel/financial ones – teehee my lottery wins were not big enough.

Be interesting to see when I reach 20% down – watch this space.



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