101in1001 20% down – Update

This is where we change plans, being flexible is good right?

My original plan was to keep you up to date with my 101 challenges everytime I complete 10%. That worked quite well once I completed my first 10%, a little bit of waffle, 11 challenges quickly explained and Bob’s your uncle. It was never going to be that simple was it?

Firstly, the challenges that you tick off first are going to be the easiest, or the quickest to achieve, then of course they are going to get more challenging, either time wise, or needing more motivation. So my quandry was….do I do a MEGA long post at 20% or do I separate it out and have up-to 101 different blogs? Well that would surely fill my quota and tick off #59 blog at least once a month.

So since my 10% post I have

11. Identify 100 things that have made me happy. (Video coming soon)249

37. Get a temporary tattoo.

57. Go to an Outdoor performance (IOW festival)

60. No Screen for an entire day

73. Drink only water for a week.

86. Take a yoga class.

87. Ride a horse.

91. Take a dance class – a little bit of a cheat as the class was only 20mins however it may be the start of something new 🙂

99. Inspire someone else to make a list. See my lovely friend Jo Bateman’s list here

Other Updates,

I have eaten at 2 local restaurants where I have not eaten before #39, I have collected a few more quotes #41, I am busy ‘doing’ gardening, but not really learning about any flowers. I have read anothe book club book The husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty but must admit not really looking forward to To Kill and Mockingbird which is next.  I have ‘signed up’ for a photoshop course #21&58 but need to get Photoshop before I can start. I am continuing to go to the theatre #51,  Blog regularly #64 AND get myself published elsewhere #59. I have even found a friend who has agreed to have a weighin with me each Friday morning. although I must admit I have not lost any weight yet. But all is positive.

Tasks I am continuing to do.

This morning I went on a 4 mile bike ride #95. (much further) and I have booked another horse riding lesson.

There are now plenty of time consuming and expensive tasks left however the ones that are perplexing me are  Not eating junk food for a month (where do you draw the line?) and exercise for at least an hour a week. Easy to quantify if i go to a class or something however sometimes it is more subtle. Certainly I am exercising a lot more than before but sometimes health or time just gets in the way and I need to count gardening or walking into town. that is more than I did before this challenge started but it needs to be regimented a bit more.

Can anyone help me with the remainder of my challenges? Need all the help I can get.

Also feel free to suggest other challenges, ideally ones that will take me ‘slightly’ out of my comfort zone but without setting me up to fail, slowly slowly.


3 comments on “101in1001 20% down – Update

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