I have screamed to a halt but not for long

I said I said in my last challenge blog that I was left with all the hard ones. Not only was that true  but life is MAD at the moment with end of school activities and camps and holidays and presentation evenings etc etc etc. Everything is suffering, the blog, the challenges, my paperwork and theatre going! I have so many plans of what I want to do just cannot cope with the amount of letters, notes and memos that are everywhere at the moment.

Dance shows, presentations
Sports Competitions and presentations – never on the same day
Young leaders camps
school trips, sports days
Exciting Scout outing.
Leaver’s plays, assemblies, mass, coffee afternoons discos.
Induction phaff, new uniform, fingerprinting, opening accounts

etc etc etc all withingtwo weeks

And then it’ll be…………. nothing

So inspiration needed – Everything will griiiind to a halt when all the children break up. Although I love school holidays with them all changing schools I shall be a little in limbo. So time to crack on with my challenges I reckon. Inspiration needed. How many of these things can be ticked off over the next 6 weeks. Also need to fit a theatre trip in in August, any suggestions? What would you like reviewing? Again suggestions welcome.

I am sure things will get on track, meanwhile watch this space.

Sam x


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