101in1001 Challenge Update: On a go slow

I seemed to race though my first 20% of challenges, which is hardly suprising as they were all the fun things to do. However I haven’t forgotten that I have to keep going. Many a challenge is started and progressing nicely just not quite ticked off yet.

Fact is, it has been a busy month. Lots of leaving parties etc, not for me, but for my sons! – They have just left primary school. Not a small thing as any parent would tell you. So with final assemblies, masses, discos, parties, trips out, not to mention all the inductions at their new school, I am wiped out.

The only thing I can safely say is ticked off is #31. Run through a garden sprinkler. In a moment of madness because of the glorious weather we have had, I did do it, there IS video footage to prove it, but me being me won’t post it, after all who wants to see Ten Ton Tess leaping around hysterically? More reason to lose that stone #4. (eeek still gaining – must do something about that)

I have started #8 Learn a new word each day for a month, so watch this space.

I have an interesting idea how to work for charity, it may involve this blog – again, still working on that.

Booked a couple of online qualifications but not started them yet.

Taking my colouring book and Cross stitch on holiday, at which point I hope to get up and watch the sunrise.

Lots of the others either involve money or travel so I have to bide my time with those.

The interesting one is this blogging lark, I am tempted to tick off #28 Find a new hobby because I must admit I am loving it. but then I think I should wait a few months to see where this all takes me.

So my mind is on it, just not completing it.

I need a kick up the backside.

Inspiration how to help me with more of my tasks? Please get in touch www.dayzeroproject.com/user/sammioneill

2 comments on “101in1001 Challenge Update: On a go slow

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