101in1001 #34 – Dye Hair

To dye my hair as part of a ‘Challenge’ you would think that I would go for something absolutely outrageous such as pink or green….but no.

The thing is this. In some ways I am very lucky, my hair is in good condition, no grey (yet), doesn’t need maintaining, so fine it never knots, bit drab looking but .

The point is, I have had pretty well the same hairstyle for 20 years, I am lazy, I get up, I shower, I leave it, I don’t need to blowdry, or do anything more than give it a quick comb, so yes – I am lazy.

I have tried to change it but each time it is a disaster so I haven’t tried again. In the 80’s I have a perm (didn’t we all?) But it took so well I didn’t look like Bonnie Tyler, I looked more like Vera Duckworth with curls so tight it looked like an Afro.

Last time I had highlights I felt it looked ridiculous, I went far far too blonde. Trust me it wasn’t a good look, one day I may look for photos to add to this post to prove it. But I think that is highly unlikely. Yuk.

I also have a strange kink to my hair, one side curls in towards my face and the other side curls out. If my hair is long it is not so noticable but when it is short – it annoys me.

So I became lazy and I haven’t done anything to my hair other than a straight cut in years. No colour, no style. When I was putting together these challenges, to dye my hair was all part of the ‘I now must reinvent myself’ process. A new hair colour would mean a new me.

Yes, but I know I won’t change the habit of a lifetime, with the best will in the world, I shall still be lazy, my hair must sort itself out.

In the end I gave myself over to my hairdresser Helen, who I trust completely and wouldn’t do anything outragous. With 3 colours (I believe the technical terms are copper, blonde and a little bit blonder) and a couple of hours later, the change in colour was lovely – subtle, but uplifting, I love it.

I also asked her to style it. She took 3 inches off and I now have a bob. I was extremely pleasantly surprised. However two hours later and despite mousse and blowdrying, the stubborn curl to the side is back. Something I shall have to live with, but I must admit I am still very pleased.

A bizarre post – you must think me mad 😀


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