Let It Be | Garrick Theatre |Review

WHEN it was suggested by Official Theatre that I went to see Let it Be which is playing for a limited run at the Garrick Theatre, I must admit I was a little non-plussed as it is not usually the sort of show that I would rush to get tickets for.

I doubted that I would be interested in a musical about the Beatles, however wanting to be proved wrong I toddled off, wine in hand (of course) to enjoy a night at the theatre.

Let it Be unfortunately failed to enthuse me – although to be totally fair I think it is purely due to my own preferences rather than any fault of the production.

Whilst reading the programme before the show started I picked up that although all the performers had impressive backgrounds as musicians they seemed to have little acting experience.

What I hadn’t appreciated was that that was exactly what is called for as Let it Be is purely a tribute show – and a good one at that – but it is certainly not a musical therefore  in my view should not be billed as one.

letitbe3On the night we went we saw Emanuele Angeletti, Paul Canning, Paul Mannion and Luke Roberts and I must say, not only do they sound the part but they look like the Fab Four too.

Let it Be works chronologically through dozens of the Beatles’ songs with the occasional costume and set change linked with original ‘fan footage’ shown on TV screens.

Starting off in the Cavern Club and moving through to the colourful psychedelic Sergeant Letitbe1Pepper years (which was my highlight of the show) the first act contains hit after hit and yes we were up dancing and singing along and waving our arms (maybe that was something to do with the wine). It was great. The second act dragged in comparison. But nevertheless it was extremely good musically.

Stating the blindingly obvious, this is not a show for you if you are not a fan of the Beatles. Many, many of the audience were, so when I got bored watching the non-action on stage I watched how some of the audience reacted to the show, one woman in particular in front of me was absolutely enraptured. She got wildly excited at every intro and I am surprised her chair had any spring left.

Why though – and I shall NEVER understand this – were mobiles and recording equipment encouraged?  The performers may not have been put off by the flashes but I certainly was. The Garrick was lit up like fireworks on the Fourth of July, and cameras being held up blocked people’s views. No, no, no!

Switch those phones off and watch – then remember the show.


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