#101in1001 #70 Learn to Roll Sushi

Well Nic and I were inspired to learn something new today, so we went to Sainsburys this morning and bought the ingrediants to have our first go at making Sushi. IMG_2053[1]IMG_2054[1]We lurve Sushi, but since our recent holiday, Nic has decided he is not eating fish anymore we bought plenty of veggies too. We ended up with Cucumber, pepper, egg, salmon, prawns, avacado and spring onion – yum. Cooking the Sushi rice was fairly straightforward, after washing it a dozen times we cooked it in the rice cooker and then added rice wine, sugar and salt. Mixing it was easier than it said in the book. While the sushi rice cooled down we cut up the vegetables and watched a couple of youtube videos to tell us how to roll it. Yes the rice was sticky and it didn’t quite go to plan, but although they don’t look like they would be put on sale at YoSushi, I must say they all taste pretty spectacular – just need to work on the presentation. IMG_2055[6]

That was the 26th challenge knocked off my list of 101. Plenty more to go at, if you could help me with any of them I would be very grateful…..ideas welcome. You can see my full list of challenges here

Sammi x


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