#LdnTheatreBloggers Meet up | Soho Grind

Last night I was lucky enough to be invited to another event organised by Official Theatre who are the most wonderful company for bringing together people who like to write about the theatre.

Some of these people write incredibly well, I am in absolute awe of them, others like me just jot our whimsical thougths down and hopefully inspire our readers to try something new. We are a real mix of people, 30 of us met at Soho Grind in Beak Street (at the bottom of Carnaby Street) last night.

Soho Grind is a quaint little place and a perfect setting for a soiree such as ours. We were greeted with a glass of Prosecco and nibbles upon arrival and mingled and chatted all things theatre. I was asked several times about my new website *hangs head in shame. If you didn’t ask me, or you missed my answer you can find an update and a  new snippet of news here...


It was lovely seeing bloggers I have met before and meeting a few new ones. Quite often when we go to the theatre (in my case, often on my own) it is lovely to see friendly faces milling around.


The gorgeous Rebecca Felgate from Official Theatre

Before long we were ushered downstairs and were taught how to make Soho Grind’s signature drink the espresso martini. Admittedly I have forgotten the recipe and will be searching the bloggers posts later to see if anyone remembered. We were then given one – OH YUM – definately need that recipe.

IMG_2448We were then split into 4 teams to devise and name our own cocktail, I was with @westendwilma @terripaddock @katie_brennan and @lauraKpeatman.

My 101in1001 list has not been updated for a while (there is a few more to tick off) but  #67 is…..Design and name my own cocktail. Now I am certainly not sure whether a team effort counts, particularly as I didn’t do the mixing or come up with the name but as WE WON the competition with our very special Starlight Expresso I am going to tick it off!  although I may keep practising my own concoctions 🙂

A scatty memory (remembering I have already had Prosecco and a cocktail by now) I think it was…..

2 shots of vodka
1 shot of chocolate  schapps
1 expresso
a couple of dashes of cherry brandy
Shaken over lots of ice until cold and strined nto a martini glass with coffee beans as a garnish….

I think…. put me right someone.

It was actually quite nice, it had a touch of black forest gateux about it. Katie (blog: http://bloodyhellbrennan.com) did a fantastic job mixing and shaking.

IMG_2450By now, the Soho Grind is my favourite bar in London and I vow I shall be back – lots new cocktails to try.

By now we were all very relaxed and we had a quick talk from Rebecca from Official Theatre and James from www.seatplan.com. Seat plans are a company who are trying to put together the most accurate seating plan guide yet. They are encouraging audience members to take a photo from their West End theatre seat (before the show starts obviously) and send it to them. When their vast database is complete  we should be able to log in and see exactly what we buy for our money.

I had a look at their site earlier – Interesting idea. Will be snapping away in the future.

The night was still young, Official Theatre had yet more treats in store. We heard 4 songs from the talented Bity Booker @bitybooker. A lovely mellow way to relax. I particularly liked her rendition of Little Boxes. My Grandfather used to play me that song and I had completely forgotten it until it was recently featured in the boxtrolls movie. I loved hearing Bity’s rendition of it.

IMG_2454One more cocktail (yes yet another) and I was on my way home – once again missing a train by 30 seconds, I think they wait for me to enter the station before pulling out of the platform but….I didn’t care…what a FANTASTIC night)

Thanks to Official Theatre, Soho Grind, Seatplans and Bity Booker. A great evening and set me up beautifully for the busy week ahead.

I did briefly joke about opening my prize for our Starlight Expresso cocktail on the train….but do you know what? I am going to crack it open when Theatre South East goes live. Let’s hope it’s soon.

(Apologies for the photos – sometimes phone cameras just aren’t the best)

Want to joint he #ldntheatrebloggers – join the hashtag and say hello, we don’t bite, just drink a little.


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