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Writing your own website is tricky.

My children all have ‘IT’ lessons at school – that’s Information & Technology – ‘computers’ to us.

I didn’t have an email address until my mid twenties, let alone a compuer. We only bought one when we moved to Hong Kong so that we could keep in touch with our families, bearing in mind at that time most of our families didn’t have one either – pointless.

Generally, people of my generation (ahem – middle-aged) are usually self taught. I consider myself fairly computer literate, I spend nearly all my day sitting at my computer, but I am first to admit, I don ‘t have a clue how it works. I just like it when it does.

At the beginning of 2014 I found myself without anything concrete to do so I decided to take up ‘blogging’ as a new hobby. Creating ‘Sammioneill’ was easy. It was basically an online diary, listing the challenges I have set myself and my progress and a few theatre ramblings as theatre-going is a passion of mine.

It didn’t take long for theatre to take over the site, it is hard to find time to write anything personal now (probably just as well). I found I was itching to take it to the next level.

The idea for Theatre South East was born. There are many London theatre based blogs out there, most of which are brilliant you can find a lot of them at #ldntheatrebloggers. I certainly have my favourites. But as it takes an hour and a half to get in London, have a family and part time jobs, I have to be realistic about the amount I can cover.

I want to dabble in the West End and Fringe but also really want to promote my local theatres, Therefore I want Theatre South East to look a lot more professional and have good functionality.

It started well but the more ambitious I got it was a case of one step forward two steps back. I tried, re-tried and then subsequently ditched various plugins. I was almost happy with the site a couple of weeks ago and then discovered a groovy piece of calendar software which meant deleting about a month’s work and starting again……

As a consequence, my blogs have got behind which is frustrating and somewhat embarrassing. I feel I have been talking about this ‘new’ website for far too long now.

So… I have come to a decision. I really wanted to complete this project myself however with my other commitments and all the learning I still have to do, it is going to take me weeks. There are just silly frustrating bits left like – I want all the fonts to be consistant throughout the site, I want the lines to match up etc etc.

I have finally thrown the towel in and admit I need help with the final tweeking. If I didn’t you wouldnt see Theatre South East for the next 6 months. I hope that Nathan and Mark at Digital Fuse would agree that the website was ‘almost’ done before I enlisted their help.

I would just like to apologise to my gorgeous local regional theatres who have been very supportive of this project, to the websites that I review for because I haven’t volunteered quite so much recently and to the wonderful shows that I have seen that my blogs have been published late.

Hopefully thanks to Digital Fuse, normal service (if somewhat scatty) is being resumed.








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