Scary Ventures

I have finally done it. My theatre website has gone live!

Those of you who visit this blog regularly will know that I generally like to share my ‘theatre love’ with anyone who will listen. I try and promote theatre and aim to get more people to seeing live entertainment, as in my opinion it is so much better than sitting at home.

Sammioneill was originally a great place to put all my theatre posts but as the site progressed and I was posting more and more general press releases, I became very frustrated and needed to set up something a little more specific & functional.

The next problem was deciding the direction my new ‘theatre blog’ would take.

There are so many theatre websites around I wondered how to make mine different. I looked at the London Theatre websites and I knew I needed something different, I live too far away, I only see a smattering of London shows and there is soooooo much out there.

So I decided to do the same, but locally and I am delighted to say I have the support of all our local theatres – Chequer Mead (East Grinstead), The Hawth (Crawley), Assembly Hall Theatre (Tunbridge Wells) and The Capitol (Horsham). I shall be listing all their ‘What’s On’ calendars and you can search for productions via location, date, genre or price.

I will not be forgetting the West End though and will bring news of forthcoming productions that may interest you as well and having all my reviews, interviews and theatre features in one place.

On Theatre South East, I shall also mention a few Fringe/Off West End shows to hopefully wet your appetite. I have said many times in this column that I am a fan of the fringe it is an affordable and intimate way of seeing theatre and there is a huge variety of things to see, truly something for everyone.

Who knows where this will lead, at the moment I am quite happy feeling my way around, already people have started to suggest that I sell tickets, run group theatre trips, send out a ‘coming up’ bulletin – it all sounds very exciting but I need to take baby steps. There are only so many hours in the day.

Must update my #101in1001 list – this has ticked a few off 🙂

I invite you to have a look at , and use it regularly to find just the show for you.   Also feel free to drop me a line if you have anything ‘theatrical’ you want to promote, I would love to hear from you.


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