Our Year | 2014

We hope you have all had a great year and have had a lovely Christmas.

We have settled into our new house now. We have lived in East Grinstead now for 11 years, time has flown. But now we are in the house that will hopefully see Terry and I to our retirement (doesn’t that sound wierd) The house is lovely, the garden is a lot bigger than the one at our old house. We have never really had a garden to take care of before – so that is a bit daunting to say the least.

The family holiday was taken this year in Menorca, a first visit for all of us. The island was busy but not overly so. The children were very good at getting up early to visit some super beaches. There was plenty of history for us to look at too. The weather was hot but pleasant, and we even had our own pool in which to relax. An added bonus of the trip was bumping into old friends Liz and Richard on the beach one day (Sam was Liz’s bridesmaid and visa versa) it was fabulous catching up.

We also spent a lovely weekend in August going to Plymouth to see our good friends. They have their own boat and took the boys for a spin, they loved it. On the way back we popped to Somerset to see my oldest friend Jo who lives on a farm, that kids had a ball with all the animals.

In January hubby took up a new position with a planning and environment consultancy. He is still playing football and now also enjoys helping out with the boy’s football team too. On a sadder note Terry’s father passed away on 4 June aged 94 years. He had battled various infirmities for many years and rarely complained. He is deeply missed RIP.

With all the children now in secondary school I found herself with more time on my hands. I do some administration for a local ballet school and the marketing for a local art school and also enjoy fiddling around building websites.

To make sure I tried new things (last year’s resolution) I started and completed a #100happydays project and I also started a #101in1001 project, luckily I have until Jan 2017 to complete that because I have got incredibly sidetracked with on of the challenges – Get a new hobby. That new hobby was blogging….

I started this blog in March for something to do and I soon started filling it with theatre posts. Anyone who knows me will know of my love for live theatre and this year I has really embraced that. I started to write a weekly theatre column for a local news website and on the back of that built my own theatre website www.theatresoutheast.com.


A great hobby to have albeit very time consuming.

Our daugher has only been studying for her GCSEs a term but is working very hard and and so far doing very well. She is still dances twice a week and not only goes to Rangers but has also qualified last month to be a Young Leader at Brownies.

Last year that she received a commendation in the Young Geographer 2013 competition, unbelievably she did it again in 2014 beating 3000+ students from all over the country! We are not sure if anyone else has ever been honoured twice but once again we were guests for the day at Royal Geographical Society where she received her award, this time from Nicholas Crane (who presents BBCs Coast).

_E5A1559She is also enjoying my new hobby as it enables her to come to the theatre with me, although she will tell you it is to help her study for her English and Drama GCSEs.

The boys started secondary school this year and have settled in really well. They are still doing a lot of sport but are now not doing the same ones which is frustrating as I am now running around all over the place.

So the year in a nutshell. It’s had it’s ups and down but we look forward to 2015 and wish you all well.


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