#101in1001 ups and downs and progress report.

I have just been looking at my 101 in 1001 list for the first time in months – I actually have quite a few to tick off!!! Yippee.

The downside is that I said I would blog about my experiences and therefore I am a tad behind (I’d blame TheatreSouthEast if I were you).

The good news is, I have oodles and oodles to write about when I finally get around to it do I backdate the posts to when it all happened or let you have them all at once ….. my poor bloggy readers I feel sorry for you 🙂

We have a new car – eek last September!
I have been branded – and not in a 50 shades of grey way
I have a new hobby and boy is it good?
Been Swimming
Go to a new City
and more!

Visit the theatre once a month is well on it’s way – wow, how my life has changed since I started this challenge.
Do a jigsaw every school holiday – which equates to family time with the kids. My daughter was sent to the shops yesterday and she came back with two for this half term. A cute one with puffins and one of the venicular railway in Hong Kong – I think  you can see our flat on it!

However some of my challenges are getting further away and less obtainable which is a shame. The travel ones for example and unless my health improves I don’t think I shall be able to catch up on the hour a week exercise. (haven’t done a structured class since the yoga one about a year ago – yup look back in the archives) but I soldier on and do what I can.

Challenges are me!

Ok – what shall I write about first? What would you like to hear about first?

Oh hang on – my new hobby is calling me 🙂  Blog again soon




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