Roochi Charity Dinner

I have been asked to help organise many Charity events in my time but I must say the one last night at Roochi in Forest Row was probably one of the easiest yet.

Better yet it helps chip away at two of my 101 things to do in 1001 days list as well

#20 Volunteer for charity for at least one hour per month that equates to 33hrs in the 1001 days. Round up to 40.
#39 Visit 5 local restaurants I’ve never been to

The event was to help my friend Nick who is currently Town Mayor for East Grinstead raise money for his two chosen charities this year Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) and the East Grinstead Town Museum.


He was approached by the owner of Roochi restaurant in Forest Row who offered to reduce the price of their set menu from £19.99 to £15.00 and then donate £7.50 per cover to CRY and the Museum, all we had to do was encourage as many people to come as possible – what could be simpler than that 🙂

It actually was harder than we thought being a Monday night as it ruled out most families, however for me, because my children are a lot older now and they all love Indian food it wasn’t an issue. We plugged away at the event and in the end had over 50 people. Which actually nearly filled the restaurant and it was a lovely atmosphere.

We pulled together a small raffle as well – so apart from standing up at the end to help Nick pull the tickets out. All I had to do was sit and eat a delicious meal. Definitely cannot claim time for my challenge for that 😀

Just waiting for confirmation from Roochi about the amount raised but all was good.

And what about the meal? Well as I said, we love Indian and this menu was perfect because there was nothing overly spicy so we were able to share everything.

IMG_2707Between the 5 of us we had:

There was plate of mixed starters to begin. Each person having one piece of everything on the menu. Small but INCREDIBLY delish.

We had one dish of each (including a Chicken Korma). I had not tried a Korai before it was very mild but tasty, the lamb was very tender.

A mix – all good. There is a standard joke in our house about hubby only being able to cook potato (untrue, but a funny joke all the same) I wouldn’t mind if he cooked the Bombay Aloo like this though – it was really nice.

We stuck with Pilau and Nan – plain rice is soooo boring, don’t you think?

We didn’t stay for the tea and coffee, mainly because we had the children with us. But it was a great meal and very good value for £15 (I also think 19.99 is a fair price). If I had one critism it was that all the dishes on the set menu were very mild, but then I guess that is understandable when it is a set meal. Also the drinks were very expensive… The bill for our 5 drinks, three of which were Cokes for the kids, was over £20! But then……they did serve and exceptionally large glass of wine – slurp.



This was our third event in aid of CRY and the Museum this year (we have previously organised a quiz night and a Murder Mystery) to follow our future events including the Grand Ball on April 18th you must follow our Facebook and Twitter pages.





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