Bella Hedges | Rest in Peace

A couple of weeks ago, I heard that my Auntie Bella had died, if you are going to be completely accurate she was my Great-Auntie, as she was my Grandmother’s sister. This saddened me more than I could say, not just because she was a great and kind lady, but all the guilt feelings about how I should have made more of an effort whilst she was alive.

Old Childhood pictures - Nan Bella Lavinia

Two pictures of my Aunty Bella as a child


My Grandmother was born in a village just outside Caerphilly in South Wales. She had 7 siblings and they were all very close. Once she met and married my Grandfather she moved to Stafford. I presume this was because of my Grandfather’s parents (he was an only child) but their hearts were very much in South Wales and they both visited regularly.

James Family Portrait

The whole family – Bella is along the back row with my Nan and Walter.


My Father was also an only child, so his Aunts, Uncles and cousins were his family, therefore we spent many holidays driving to South Wales when I was growing up. If I were to choose memories that were really precious to me, my holidays and their visits would come at the top of the list.

Nan and Bella

Nan and Bella

I have marvellous memories of my Auntie Bella. She was kind, gentle and an amazing lady. I don’t really recall her husband Ted, (maybe he died before I was born). What I remember as a child was the way my Nana and she chatted and giggled away, they were so close. Nana always looked forward to Bella’s visits and life was good when she was around.

Bella and Ted

Bella and Ted


I remember her house in Mary Street well. On a couple of occasions I stayed there when we were there. We used to play in the street with my cousins Amanda and Susie and there was always snacks to be had at Aunty Bella’s.

I am GUTTED that I can not make the funeral today, it would have been lovely to link up with the family I have all but lost touch with and celebrate the life of this lovely lady. Today I am thinking of not only her but of them too. I hope to visit very very soon.

Rest in Peace – Lovely Lady

Sam x


Bella Hedges RIP


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