The best way to Swim

Go Swimming! – #101in1001 #97

Yeah yeah – I am a little late posting this – like 6 months late (ticking them off slowly).

This may seem a bit of an easy challenge to add to my 101in1001 list but for me, it was going to be one of the hardest!

The History.

Swimming and I don’t mix, it is not just because I am  a ridiculously poor swimmer – I just don’t like it! Therefore as I rarely go near water (to swim in) I don’t feel the need to learn.

In the distant past when I was in middle school years ago we had our weekly swimming lesson at Riverside Centre, in Stafford. I hated it! It was humiliating.  I was in the ‘red’ group (the ones yet to swim a width of the toddler pool – 5m). As time went on there were less and less in that group as everyone progressed to the ‘green’ group in the adult pool.

I remember attending the school swimming gala to cheer on one of my friends; and for the first time I glimpsed what it was like to swim properly. I kept asking myself how are earth people could swim like that when I found it so impossible. In retrospect, of course they must have had lesson outside school or went socially, or….had less of a negative attitude.

And don’t talk to me about veruccas!

Shortly after my father started taking my brother and I to Riverside public swim session every Thursday evening. Maybe because I was so rubbish.

Thankfully those sessions taught me how to move around in water and not be afraid of it.  However amongst all the divebombing and mucking around with friends, I still didn’t learn any techniques.

Since then I have avoided swimming fairly spectacularly. Even in my time in Hong Kong I stayed boats and junks and watched while friends swam and water-skiied in the South China Sea. On holidays in Spain I dipped into the pool only to cool off but rarely in public and NEVER when anyone else was in the pool. Admittedly paranoia about my weight gain hasn’t helped either.

When children came along I made absolutely sure they all learnt from six months old (younger in my daughter’s case). I’m glad to say they all seem to swim really well now. They are confident and enjoy being in the water. One of my sons swims in a swim club!

The Challenge

Go Swimming – I do realise the I could have made this challenge more meaningful.

  • Swim a mile
  • Learn to Swim

But even to get into the water is a challenge.

On holiday last year was the time to complete the challenge – we had a lovely villa in Menorca which had it’s own pool (2.5×5 m)! How lucky eh. The children and hubby were in it constantly – Gosh I love sunloungers

The best way to Swim

The best way to Swim

I do have my own swim technique. It is a sort of lunchbreak lady/doggy paddle/tred water/don’t go anywhere fast-swim. It is an inefficient breaststroke, not getting my hair and (God forbid) my face wet.

I did attempt a backstroke to the hilarity of one of my sons, “Mummy! That’s not even a stroke!”. Although when he tryed it he marvelled and said how clever I was because it was really hard swimming that way!

I decided I would try to swim in the pool each day starting at 10 laps (50m) and add 2 more laps each time. Day 1 nearly killed me. But by the time the holiday was over I’d reached 22 laps! Yay Go Me! I cannot claim 110metres however because do remember there was a wall every 5m

But that is not all!

It took me 12 days into the holiday to get a past my knees in the sea. The beaches in Menorca were glorious! We visited lots of different coves and they were gorgeous. I decided after a few days that to complete this challenge, I had to swim albeit briefly in the sea!

I spent a few days trying to find the right beach. The sea was too cold, too dirty (Cala en turquetta – and no, ), went too deep too quickly (I am making excuses now right?) but it happened.

One evening we found a beach which was beautiful, crystal clear sea as still as mill pond at San Tomas. It was too late to swim that night so we vowed to return the next day.

Yes you’ve guessed it – wind. The sea was churned up and there were waves! Waves?!?!?

Choppy Sea - I did it. I did it

But I did it, I did it, I did. Shame there are no photos – but there are witnesses – honest!



A MASSIVE TICK! and one I think I shall be most proud of.

Go swimming was number 97 in my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days I have now completed 27% and I need to do as many as I can before 17th January 2017. Any ideas and or suggestions for the rest welcomed.

Do you hate swimming as much as me?  Or do you have another pet hate that no-one understands? Free free to leave a comment. Be nice though 😀

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