#101in1001 #02 Buy a new car.

Again apologies, this has taken me a long time to blog. We actually bought our new car new car last October. To be honest, to put this on my 101 list is little bit of a cop out because I knew the probability of it happening during the 1001 days of the challenge was highly likely.

We bought our old car 1999 silver galaxy in 2003. We had just moved back to the UK from Hong Kong and we needed a large car to transport our toddler daughter and baby twin boys around. Not only that but three small children have an amazing amount of parafinalia that needed transporting as well so a people mover seemed a good idea.

We had our car for 11 years and it took us on many adventures.

It has taken us up and down the M40 on numerous occasions to Stafford, Liverpool and the Lake District. Several times it has taken us to France on holiday. That is not counting the 100s of trips it has done to dance classes, scouts, guides, football matches, swimming club, etc etc etc.

It has been a very reliable motor.

But over the last two or three years there has been problems with the electrics.

  • The windows didn’t work (a pain when driving into carparks)
  • The air-con didn’t work, last year we had a super summer so it was a bit of a problem.
  • The speakers on the radio didn’t work either (teehee it only had a CASSETTE player).
  • and sometimes the locks on the car had a mind of their own – occasionally we were locked in or out of the car.

But mechanically it was excellent. Each year though it flew through its MOT.

Then we started having problems. We went to the Lake District, and spectatularly broke down in the middle of nowhere. That ended up a very funny story in itself, which I may bore you with sometime.

broken down car

Reluctantly we admitted it was time to look for a new car.

We looked for a long time, we knew we needed another people-mover but tossed and turned between all the other brands. Our Ford Galaxy had been so reliable we decided to try and stick to the same if possible.

We procrastinated (as we always do) and then the inevitable happened.

The steering wheel was getting harder and harder to turn. We took it into the garage and they gave it a good oiling but before long the problem would return. It would also make a loud crunching noise as it was turned which not only was worrying but it mortified and embarrassed the children whenever we were out.

It was inevitable what was going to go happen. I was on the swimming run and yes the steering column seaized to work without extreme effort. It was a very precarious journey home and when hubby tried to drive the car later that night he aggreed that it shouldn’t be driven anymore.

Funny that when you are without a car, it focuses your mind to get a new one.

Searching online is so easy, eventually we found a car with our specifications in Milton Keynes. Hubby took the train that after work one evening and put down a deposit. He collected it the weekend after.


For a while we had the two galaxies parked on the drive.

We tried to sell our lovely Galaxy but no one would have it.

We tried to sell it for parts but even though most things worked and it was almost rust free, there were still no biters.

Reluctantly we agreed that we had to give it away for scrap. It is hard letting go of an old friend.

Apparently according to the guy who picked it up it will be a washing machine one day, such a shame.

I haven’t driven the new one since November – (long story) but it is very comfy being a passenger and it has a CD player, air-con and windows that work. What could be better?

And hey, it has ticked off another challenge.

I started the 101 things to do in 1001 days challange in April 2014. The 1001 days are up on January 17th 2017. It seems like a long way off but the first year has whizzed by so quickly. I have a long way to go. Take a look at my list, I would love your support. Why not make you own list? They are a lot of fun. Feel free to leave ‘nice’ comments. 😀


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