B12 deficiency expert calls for urgent changes in healthcare provision

Does this article remind you of anyone? See what you think.

Sometimes I think I am going round in circles.

Awareness is so important. A simple injection is all it takes. I have been informed that these injections cost LESS THAN £1!!!

Please read the following…..

B12 deficiency expert calls for urgent changes in healthcare provision.

When I first had a bloodtest to test my B12 levels, my readings were 182 but with injections every 3 months they improved to around the 350mark and I felt sooo much better in mind and body. Now I am back in the ‘normal’ range my injections have been stopped. I feel OK, but as my friends and family know, I am still unable to work, drive and function at my original capacity which is incredibly frustrating.

I take 1000 mcg orally each day now. Funded by myself. I cannot be ‘sure’ it makes a difference but a year ago I could hardly walk, write, think.

B12 managment should be studied by Doctors but unfortunately it is easier to diagnose depression, HRT etc etc….

I am still being tested for many other things – they may be related to my symptoms, they may not – time will tell.

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