Confirmation Time

We have had a crazy couple of weeks! First our amazing daughter got confirmed and then our friend’s daughter did too. Endless rounds of houseguests, catering and running around like mad things – what fun!

In our parish the children are confirmed when they are in year 10 at school (14/15 yrs old), but in Northampton it is in year 7. So even though our daughters are 3 year’s apart in age, their confirmations were only a week apart.

Our daughter’s confirmation took place on Sunday 17th May,  not at our usual Church but at the Ultra-Modern and rather splendid Worth Abbey. The mass was to take place at 3pm on Sunday afternoon! How inconvient is that?!? No time to go out for lunch and as it is a Sunday it is difficult for people to come and celebrate afterwards. A guests were arriving from Saturday lunchtime onwards we made the decision to give people the choice whether to come for a BBQ on the Saturday night (the weather forecast was good) or a buffet on Sunday evening (not so good).

We hoped this would give people more flexibility and also give us chance to mingle a little more.

Family of course would come to both – so after a massive shopping spree on Saturday morning and then haircuts all round we were all set.

As it turned out, most people could come on the Sunday and it was our daughter’s friends who opted to come on the Saturday. This worked beautifully as she could be with them as much as she liked without feeling obliged to be with everyone else.

Sunday morning was very leisurely with a late brunch and curling hair 😀

We had three people staying with us and another at the local Premier Inn so it wasn’t too busy, we met everyone else at the Abbey

Her confirmation name is Seraphina – pretty name and a brave girl with a tragic story. Seraphina.


Week two and another confirmation.

We headed over to Northampton to our friend’s house mid morning. This confirmation was going to be at 5.30! Which seems even stranger but much more convenient as it was Bank Holiday Weekend and therefore no rush the next day.


We spent a great day with our friends and their family and friends. ‘E’ looked lovely (I kept thinking of the Sandi Thom song ‘I wish I was a Punk Rocker with flowers in my hair). ‘E’ chose Saint Cecelia as her name because she is the patron saint of music and ‘E’ is very musical, which also brings to mind another great song – I was singing all day

Eaten too much! Another diet pending.

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