Half Term Fun

We have had a LOVELY half term. Usually we are rushing around here and there and are really busy but as our lives, my theatre, hubby’s work and children’s activities etc are manic at the moment. We took the time to sit back, relax and appreciate a little time off.

It was JUST what we needed


The first day of a school holiday is always weird. You subtly mention that homework should be done and got out of the way – you get glared at and move on.

In the afternoon we went to a confirmation party of one of C’s friends lots of food,drink and chat – great fun.

Home in time to see one of my favourite events of the year – the Eurovision Song Contest. Love it! It is so corny.


We went to a friend’s confirmation which was really lovely, there is a separate blog coming soooooon.


We stayed overnight in Northampton and had a lot of grand ideas about doing something spectacular however after a quick walk around the town, buying an outfit for C’s drama performance and grabbing a quick cuppa, we spent the rest of the day chatting and catching up. The guys took the kids to the park which gave Jo and I quality gossip time.

Came home Monday evening – where on earth was the Bank Holiday traffic? We flew home.


Quiet day (hubby at work) until mid afternoon when the children and I went to Waterloo to see the press launch of Opera Holland Park’s production of Alice In Wonderland. There will be another post about this whole event coming soon so watch this space.

Alice in Wonderland


Kids had a friend round to play all day so I managed to get a tonne of paperwork done. Felt much better for it. In the afternoon a couple of friends came round and gave me some wine and a lovely pot of flowers to thank me for the work I did on the Running for Ronnie website….. It wasn’t necessary, it was a pleasure but it was a lovely gesture and I was very touched.



Hubby took Thursday and Friday off work, which was lovely. On Thursday the weather was fabulous so I spent a lot of time in the garden – actually ticked off another one of my #101in1001 list too, guess what – I need to write another blog about that too, I am getting very busy.


Afternoon we took a flying visit to Tunbridge Wells to buy dance tights for C’s exam on the Saturday.


Weather wasn’t quite as good today, so I worked on Theatre South East and hubby did HIS paperwork, it is lovely getting things ticked off.

In the evening I introduced the children to the Rupert Everitt/Colin Firth version of ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ Happy to say that they really liked it.


First off was our daughter’s Silver Jazz examination. Hopefully she did OK but as with all these things we won’t know for a couple of months or so.

In the afternoon our friends from Spain arrived, 24 hours of catching up and enjoying their company. They are moving to the UK soon. Hopefully that means we will see more of them even though they shall be living in Oxfordshire.

ALSO finished our half term jigsaw 😀 picking away at the #101in1001



And here we are, Sunday. School tomorrow. Back to uniform, PE kits, packed lunches, school trips, revision, homework, dance, guiding, scouting, swimming, athletics and football. The holiday is definately over.

Could feel quite down about it all, I love having the family at home BUT ….. I have a great theatre week ahead, the Isle of Wight Festival coming up AND the next holiday is the SIX WEEKS HOLIDAY. Cannot complain, life is OOOOOK.


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