101 in 1001 – 30% Update!

Half way throught the time and only 30% of the tasks are completed. That sounds very depressing really but it is not all doom and gloom, because some tasks are well in hand and others – well, there is no way I think they are possible, so I am not going to beat myself up about it.

10 more tasks done 😀

#02 Buy a New Car

#28 Get a New Hobby

#31 Run through a Garden Sprinkler

#34 Dye Hair

#53 Attend a Ballet

#67 Design and name a Cocktail

#69 Eat Homegown Vegetables

#70 Roll Sushi

#97 Go Swimming

Completed but yet to blog – Mahon/Bluebell/Branding/Canterbury

Challenges that are ongoing and on track

101 itunes playlist
101 quotesbook Club
new foods
new words
voluntary work
watch 2015 Oscar Nominations
blog once a month

Not a hope – need to tweak or change.

weight – needs tweaking the challenge was too ambiguous – lose a stone, I did, but now I have put it on again 😦
The travel challenges – I need to be realistic
Lady Macbeth – no decent speeches.
Improve posture – too ambiguous – How do I measure that
Exercise once a week – help!!! Health issues have got in the way.

Loads and Loads Yet To Start

I hade better get a move on.

10% – 20% of tasks 

100 Happy Days, Temp Tattoo, Outdoor Performance, No Screen, Drink Water for a week, Yoga, Horse, Dance Class, inspire someone else to do a list. (9)

0% -10% of tasks

Shopping Assistant, letter when challenge is done, letter for 10 years time, lottery, cycle ride, forest trail, blacklands, heights, Published work, Hot Cross Buns 7 goals in a week complete making the list (12)



4 comments on “101 in 1001 – 30% Update!

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