Eat Homegrown Vegetables – #101in1001

When we bought our house it had a big garden attached. I mean much bigger than I can cope with!

I am terrified of it, the previous owners had kept it beautifully and everywhere we have lived has had a tiny garden or no garden at all. I tell a lie, the very first house we had had one and we killed everything in it.

So why buy a house with a decent garden? Well it seemed a good idea at the time.

We have been here two years. Last year I just ‘maintained’ the garden the best I could – OK OK a few things have died, that red leafy plant, and worse the pear tree was very poorly last year, I am just waiting to see what happens with it this year, it has leaves on it so that seems like good news.

We have 2 beds of Raspberries, and a rhubarb patch (they sort of take care of themselves).


We also have a herb garden which I have replanted (herbs are cheapish). So last year was a success. ish.


I cannot count the vegetables that the previous owners planted (that would be cheating). So I have planted a few things these year. On the packets it said they were ‘easy’ things so fingers crossed.

I have planted outside

Radish (apparently the easiest things to grow)


They are all outside now and growing slowly.

In the greenhouse are:

More radish – they grow really fast

and a few more things yet to sprout.

This challenge was to eat some of my own homegrown vegetables – done – I have 100s of radishes! a few everyday. They really are easy. Does anyone want any 🙂


But I learn today that radishes are bad for my thyroid – CAN NOT WIN.


To eat homegrown vegetables is #69 of my 101 things to do in 1001 days – you can see the whole list here. Any help with the challenges would be welcome 😀

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