Isle of Wight Festivities – 2015

So have you been to a festival? I was a bit of a late starter and it wasn’t until I was in was my forties that started going to the Isle of Wight festival each June.

This year was my fifth year – am I rock chick? Certainly not!

I am not even a big music fan, some of the other girls laugh at me and my lack of knowledge about the music scene – but I don’t care! It is all about the company.

We became friends when all our children were at the same Primary School, now the children have all moved on we hardly see each other so it is more important than EVER that we come every year.

Not that we camp – we don’t even glamp – oh no – we are far far luckier than that. Gill, one of our number and the instigator of this annual outing has family and friends on the island and so we all get a real bed each night and breakfast in the morning. Lucky beans that we are.

The number of us have grown over the years, first we needed one house to stay in, then two, and now that there are 13 of us, we needed to hire a third house, we like our luxury.

Day One – Friday 12th June 2015

By the Sea - nah..... look closer

By the Sea – nah….. look closer

There are certain traditions that go with the weekend. We all get lifts to Three Bridges station on the Friday morning to catch the 9.45am train to Portsmouth. We have bubbles (and often cake) with us and by the time we reach Portsmouth our carriage is usually fairly loud.

Gunwarf Quays is a fab shopping centre full of outlet stores just next to the train station, so there is always a little shopping to be done and we take it in turns to shop and guard the bags while we have lunch at All Bar One.

In the past we have spent most of the afternoon there in the past but this year we were keen to get to the festival and see Kodaline who were playing in the afternoon so we snuck onto an earlier ferry.

Ferry more bubbles – traditional – wellllll we are 13 middle aged women having the time of our lives.

Collected at the ferry port on the Isle of Wight by Gill’s lovely family and friends we were driven to our respective houses. Dumped our bags – and set of for a Friday of fun.

Usually we congregate each day and travel in together but being in three different locations we had decided to travel in separately and meet there. So #TeamGary (that’s us) took the wrong bus… who knew there were three different routes to the festival. The festival bus which may or may not stop at our stop but drops you off at the festival car park – which is by the campsites and miles away from the music. There is the Newport bus (via Fairlee) which drops you off right outside the festival entrance, and there is the one we took – the bus to Newport.

It was only a twenty minute walk, but I have trouble with my walking and I was worried this would zap the energy I had been trying to conserve. But we were there in time for Kodaline. Missed The Struts by an hour – sorry Michaela.

Listened to the ‘Counting Crows’ and ‘You Me at Six‘ before going for a wander for a drink. We found a cocktail bar (I told you we didn’t rough it) it was lovely and I wish I could remember what it was called.

One of the reasons I love the Isle of Wight festival is the wide variety of food you can get. Yes there is the usual burger, curry, fish and chips etc but if you want to try something  a little different you can. Friday night I had a Festival Special from The Garlic Farm, garlicy beans and garlic mushroom on a slice of Garlic bread! Don’t breathe near me – it was delicious. By this time it had started to rain quite hard and eventually the rest of the party joined us in the tent next to the food. I guess it was about 9pm by this time and as some people went home #TeamGary found a tent called The Intoxicating Tearooms, I sat and watched as my girls were taught to swing dance – music was excellent but was so glad to get home after a bus to the bus in the icky mud.

Day Two – Saturday 13th June 2015

Luckily the weather improved and although the camping areas were pretty muddy and gruesome, the main stage field was fine. We had caught the Festival bus and by the time we had walked to the main stage (now called the Electric Church) I was glad to flop down on the grass.

Jesse Glynne was proper poorly so we had Ella Eyre in her place who was absolutely fab. She was followed by , James Bay, Jesse Ware, Kool and the Gang, James (yes racing through them – not sure I paid much attention – too busy chatting) None of us were excited about seeing Pharrell Williams as we had only heard of one song – yup – but he was REALLY good, I shall pay better attention next time.

Headline act for the Saturday was Blur – first half of their act I wasn’t impressed by but BOY OH BOY the second half was awesome.

Boogy on down in the Hipshakers bar until it closed and caught the last bus home 😀

Day Three – Sunday 14th June 2015

This was the day! Would Fleetwood Mac show up? There had been many rumours that they wouldn’t as they had cancelled their gigs due to sickness earlier in the week. But by the time we got to the site on the Sunday everyone was feeling a little more confident.

Pink Ladies

Pink Ladies

We got there in time for Imelda May (love her), she was followed by The Courteener, First Aid Kit (good band – uninspiring name) and Paolo Nutini who surprisingly enough got the girls all excited and we lost half our number as they went closer to the stage.

But yes – headline act – Fleetwood Mac were there and they were absolutely fantastic. We have been excited about people in the past and been disappointed (Blondie prime example) but Fleetwood Mac impressed event he sceptical. Their repetoire is extentive and each song rang out as pitch perfect as it was years ago. Brilliant.

So endeth another weekend – well after another journey to the hipshaker – those hips have to shake after all.

Tickets are already on sale for next year…….! YAY!

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