Go vegetarian for a week – #101in1001 #68

Don’t get me wrong, I like vegetarian food, I like it a lot. I just like meat as well, I actually admire vegetarians for their standpoint, whether their reasons are because of the animals,  health or because they don’t like the taste. I know that I could not be a vegetarian. But I wondered whether I could do it for a week…

My Vegetarian Week.

I chose this week because unusally I was not due to go out any evening so I would be more in control. I searched the recipe books, ordered an online delivery which consisted of more fruit and veg than ever before and actually was very excited and determined.

Monday – 22nd June 2015

Breakfast : Yoghurt and Honey (my staple anyway)

Lunch : Cheese, grapes and other bits in the fridge – those mini sausages were giving me the evil eye.

Soup : As luck would have it my son was due to have his braces tighened today so we couldn’t have eaten anything chewy anyway. After our excursion to the dentiast we all had a bowl of delicious soup (mine was mushroom)

While in town I cheated and bought 3 x vegetarian meals for one fromt the shop ‘Cook’ just in case my choice of menus for the week weren’t acceptable to my meaty family.

Tuesday – 23rd June 2015

Breakfast : Yoghurt and Honey

Lunch : Poached eggs on Toast

Dinner: Well the first oppotunity came for one of my ready meals as the children were all out this evening at friends houses. I had a ‘Virtuous Veggie Pot’ (320 calories) with rice, which consisted of Aduki beans, aubergines, green beans and coconut in a blend of Indian Spice. It was OK but a bit dry and boring – not sure whether that was because of having no meat or no calories. The good news is though I don’t think I have ever had Aduki beans before so it also qualifies for another challenge (eat 10 new foods)!

Vege pot

Wednesday – 24th June 2015

Breakfast : Cereal

Lunch : Nothing! OUch – not good but I had a call to go into London last minute so I worked through until I had to catch my train at 3.37 – didn’t have time to grab anything at the station.

After my meeting I went for a cheeky little expresso martini with Rebecca – purely because it had no meat in it of course.

Cocktail expresso

Then trouble struck….

On my way to the station I walked past the theatre and yes you’ve guessed it got a tad waylaid – I blame the theatre tokens that were burning a HOLE.

So at about 10.30 I arrived at Victoria station and bought this ahem snack – great nutrition not! It was at this point or shortly after I lost my purse (or it was pickpocketed?)! But that is another long story.


Thursday – 25th June 2015

Breakfast : Cereal

Lunch: Poached eggs on Toast

Dinner : Mushroom Stroganoff, as the children are fussy about mushrooms, I don’t buy them have as much as I’d like but as a whipped up a chicken and bacon pasta thing for them I made myslef this as then popped the leftover mushrooms in with my husband’s chicken it all worked very well, and was delicious!

Mushroom Stroganoff

Friday – 26th June 2015

Breakfast : Cereal

Lunch : Cheese and Pickle on Cream Crackers

Dinner : Vegeburgers and Salad : Quite ashamed that I have got this far into the week without actually making something from scratch (chopping things up and mixing them together doesn’t count).


 Saturday – 27th June 2015

Breakfast – Cereal

Lunch – Egg Sandwich

Dinner – Yep this is where it got difficult – sunny day – gardening – Pimms and …..yes…..BBQ! Wahhh I love Barbecues, if Iwas going to crumble on my challenge, this would be it. Not because I was missing meat, but because I would love a nice burger on such a lovely day. But I was very good and made myself some Cheese and Leek sausages which were absolutely delicious.


Sunday 28th June 2015

Breakfast – Yoghurt with Strawberries

Lunch – Muffins with Marmite

Dinner – Made a goulash but it went a little wrong, at this point I was missing a bit of flavour and slipped in ‘slightly’ too much ceyenne pepper – hahaha – blew the roof off everyone’s mouth – oops.



It was a good challenge to try but not necessarily one I would repeat, I really enjoyed eating things I wouldn’t normally eat however to be honest I did miss flavours and found a lot of the food quite bland. It is also not a very healthy diet for me personally as I need a good amount of B12 and protein in my diet which meat does give me which is why I didn’t make the challenge any longer.

However it has encouraged me to eat more pulses and go meat free probably once a week.

Great challenge.

This task was part of my 101in1001 challenge, I have to try and complete 101 challenges in 1001 days, the challenge end Jan 2017. You can see my whole list here. I have logged a lot of my prgress on this site. If you have any helpful suggestions for my uncompleted challenges let  me know.


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