Race for Life – 2015 #101in1001

Having supported my 7 good friends as they trained and ran the marathon in aid of St. Catherine’s Hospice in Crawley, I wanted to do something too to raise money to help beat cancer and help eradicate this vile disease forever.

One of my 101 challenges was to take part in the Race for Life, but due to lack of confidence in my ability to even walk the 5k course I thought that I would leave this challenge until next year.

Spurred on by being able to cope at the Isle of Wight festival this year, and also by a recent health scare close to home, I decided that there was no time like the present and looked at this years dates.

A quick email round to my friends and two of my darling friends said that they would join me, walk with me, carry me and we enrolled for the Epsom race on Sunday 28th June 2015. My daughter said that she would do it too but was aiming to run round! Yay go girl!


If you have never done a Race for Life it is hard to describe the camaraderie and  emotion of the event. At the Epsom ‘Race’ you could do either 5K or 10k and you can either run, jog or in my case walk.  There are all sorts of people there, from all walks of life and all fitness levels. It is a women only event (although boys under 12 can join in) and you are encouraged to wear pink. It is a sight to be seen, there were 3,000 people taking part on Sunday – that’s an awful lot of pink.


You wear your race number on your front and write messages on your back about why you are participating in the Race for Life or who you are racing for. Quite often these messages are so desperately sad and make you more determined than ever.

We had a great time, from the warm up aerobics, to winning a t-shirt when it was tossed into the audience, to the walk itself, the weather stayed dry until the last stretch and my daughter was amazing! She met us at the finishing line exhausted but happy

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For me the event is for two reasons, it is fantastic to get together with like minded people and show your solidarity, the walk is inspiring, emotional and a true experience. However going for a walk may be good for your soul and general health but what is the point of doing the Race For Life  if you don’t raise the money to help beat cancer too? Even if £5 is donated it is better than nothing. Apparently last year £265k was raised from the Epsom race, I actually thought this number was low considering the number that took part.

Haha! You knew it was coming didn’t you?

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Cancer NEEDS to be beaten – I don’t care whether you donate to me or pop into your local Cancer Research shop and donate there. But more money does need to be raised, there is not enough in the NHS any more. Every penny helps.

  • I know people who have died because of cancer, my father, my grandmother, my friend etc etc
  • I know people who are fighting at the moment.
  • You never know what is round the corner…as soon as ‘the big C’ is hinted at, your world falls apart.
  • but – I also know people who have recovered – It CAN be beaten….please help.

If you haven’t done it before try a ‘Race for Life’ next year. It doesn’t matter if you run it , walk it or crawl it…just raise money!



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