Summer Holiday Challenge for bored children.

For the first time this morning I heard the words ‘I’m Bored’, luckily it wasn’t one of my own children else they wouldn’t see the rest of the summer holiday, but it got me thinking.

As you will know from this blog I love a challenge.

One of my friends shared a photo on Facebook this morning. I cannot take credit for it. The challenge is supposedly written by a Year 7 teacher as homework for her class this summer. I think it is the best type of homework to have

Make the world a better place.


  1. Watch the News
  2. Tell someone how much they mean to you
  3. Do a household chore without being asked
  4. Dream about your future and decide what you need to do to get there
  5. Read a book by an author you’ve never heard of
  6. Sort out what you don’t need and give it to charity
  7. Speak out when you see something you don’t think is right
  8. Walk a journey that you would usually make by car
  9. Write to your MP about an issue you think is important
  10. Lie on the grass in summer and stare at the clouds
  11. Watch a black and white film
  12. Learn a poem by heart
  13. Write a list of things you would like to accomplish by the time you are eighteen
  14. Cook a meal for a friend and make them happy
  15. Hand write a letter to someone special and post it
  16. Switch off your on-line presence and avoid all social media for 3 days (this one the kids are horrified about)
  17. Make a list of all the positive things that you can be thankful for
  18. Talk to an older relative about your family history
  19. Pick up someone elses litter
  20. Grow something that you can eat
  21. Bake a cake for someone
  22. Try a new food you can’t pronounce
  23. Learn to play a song on a musical instrument
  24. Skim a stone
  25. Volunteer

I have printed it off for my two year sevens and my year ten, and challenged them to tick them off when they are done.

Their response? – a cheeky ‘I love you Mum’ – contrived but nice anyway.

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