Here we go again!

Completely inspired by the blogs of two of my very good friends Mrs D and Zarina, I have decided to dust off this blog and have another shot.

It has been a long time since I have taken Sammioneill seriously being very busy with work, personal life and Theatre South East but hopefully that will change.

Obviously time is always the issue, but I think I need to stop beating myself up about waiting until I can write the ‘perfect blog’ and just get on with it! Procrastination has always been my middle name, the things I write on TSE need to be more structered so why do I feel so bad about jotting down my musings?

When I look down my list of challenges for example, there are so many that I have done completed – I just haven’t ticked them off because I need the time to write about them – time is something I haven’t got, I should live with that and stop worrying about it. From what I read it is a common complaint of bloggers, why should I be so different?

So, time to get writing and time to get posting…..Stand by and wait for several posts about what I have been up to – they won’t be long and detailed but at the very least they will keep you up to speed.

Sammi x




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