The Tea Planter’s Wife – Dinah Jefferies | Minireview

Official Blurb

Nineteen-year-old Gwendolyn Hooper steps off a steamer in Ceylon full of optimism, eager to join her new husband. But the man who greets her at the tea plantation is not the same one she fell in love with in London.

Distant and brooding, Laurence spends long days wrapped up in his work, leaving his young bride to explore the plantation alone. It’s a place filled with clues to the past – locked doors, a yellowed wedding dress in a dusty trunk, an overgrown grave hidden in the grounds, far too small for an adult…

Gwen soon falls pregnant and her husband is overjoyed, but she has little time to celebrate. In the delivery room the new mother is faced with a terrible choice, one she knows no one in her upper class set will understand – least of all Laurence. Forced to bury a secret at the heart of her marriage, Gwen is more isolated than ever. When the time comes, how will her husband ever understand what she has done?

My View (no spoilers)

I chose this book for the book club, I guess the title appealed to me and it was about an expatriot at the turn of the century in Sri Lanka.

I loved it and found it was easy-reading although I did find it a little predictable and I guessed the ending (no spoilers here folks!).

I thought the characters were well written and developed with the storyline. The book creates a vivid account of what it must have been like living in Sri Lanka.

I apologise that this ‘reviews’ are a little sketchy – they are just my reading log, no more. If you would like any more detail than this please feel free to ask.


I read the Kindle version of this book.

File Size: 3053 KB
Print Length: 419 pages
Publisher: Penguin (3 Sept. 2015)


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