Eat 10 New Foods – #101in1001 #74 

Try ten new things to eat proved to be a lot harder than I thought it would be.  I guess I’m quite lucky really I’m not a fussy eater the only food that I’ve had trouble with is that some sort some for citrusy fruits (allergy) and coriander (yuck) but I found it really hard finding food I had not tasted before.

Having lived in Hong Kong I have, of course, eaten many strange things (which may be another post one day).

I really struggled, I wandered round many supermarkets and truly think that I have eaten everything in our local Sainsburys. What would you choose?


1. Octopus Galatian Style


Octopus Galatian Style

Being a seafood lover I have, of course tasted octopus before, however I was quite intrigued by the term ‘Galatian Style’. The dish I had was covered with olive oil, paprika and plenty of sea salt (a little too much for my liking) and cracked black pepper lying on a bed of sliced potatoes.

It was absolutely delicious! The portion was a pretty big and I would’ve preferred it as part of a tapas menu with other dishes to compliment it, but that didn’t stop me polishing the lot off.

I nearly forgot to take a picture! When the plate was full, it looked a lot more impressive-Yum

2. Paraguayo.

Also called Saturn Peach or Doughnut Peach.




This fruit looks like a squashed peach. We bought one each when we were on holiday in Minorca but the next day we had to throw two away as they had gone mouldy – not a good shelf life!

Tasted a sort of cross between a plum/peach/pear.  I should have realised after the first bite that it was a bad idea to continue but it wasn’t until I was three quarters of the way through that I stopped eating as my mouth started to sting and my tongue started swelling up. Will I never learn.

Hmmmm – yet another fruit I am allergic to.

Panic set in as I wondered where the nearest hospital was. However after about an hour, several antihistamine and a lie down later I decided I won’t be trying another Paraguayo any time soon.


3. Breadfruit


4th April 2015 Goat Curry AND Breadfruit at the Ideal Home Exhibition I knew as soon as I stepped into the Food Hall at the Ideal Home Exhibition that I would be able to cross at least one of these off my list. I entered the hall and the hot dogs were ‘Wild Boar’ which was tempting but I knew that I could find something more interesting than a wild boar sausage. After a minute or two I found a Carribean stand with many delights to try.


This was a weird texture, a little chewy and the way it was presented to me tasted more like a vegetable than a fruit.It was Ok, but fairly chewy and tasteless. I can see why they call it Breadfruit, it did taste a little like a tortilla wrap.

Not something I would rush to eat again.



4. Goat Curry


The goat curry was excellent and I would definately try it again (cannot think where I can buy goat meat to cook it myself though). It was a cross between rabbit and lamb and very tasty with it’s own distinct taste even though it was covered in a curry sauce. Goat Curry

5. Aduki Bean


Ate these as part of my vegetarian week challenge, maybe it was the recipe but I found them a bit uninspiring and a bit dry. A bean is a bean, a pulse is a pulse. Bit boring.

Aduki Beans


6. British Sea Spaghetti Seaweed

Saw this in tesco – never tried it before, first question, was it wheat (spaghetti) or seaweed? And actually, what is seaweed, a vegetable? seafood? It turns out it is a vegetable, some edible seaweeds can claim to have 10-20 times more minerals and vitamins than land vegetables. Yep, something to try.

According to Tesco’s package you can add it to soups and stews, stirfrys or salads so it seems pretty versatile. Therefore I followed non of their recommendations and added it to one of our family staples, fried rice. It was……. chewy…… had a slight taste but nothing to get excited about. Not sure I would bother again, it was eaten, but not popular with the family.

Sea Spaghetti


7. Kangaroo

Yay believe it or not, Iceland (the frozen food company,not the county) have brought out a whole new range of exotic foods so I may finally crack this challenge. It will have taken me over a year. I have eaten some pretty amazing food in that time but nothing particularly ‘new’.

2015-08-17 19.27.28

From the new Iceland range. The children were a bit apprehensive, I guess they could picture cute kangaroos bouncing all over Australia, I could as well, but this challenge is proving difficult – so, so long Skippy!

The meat, once defrosted was a very dark red and quite bloody, but no fat! I wondered how to cook it and decided in the end to roast it and serve it with rice and salad. That was fine but it turns out that it needed a sauce because it was very dry (due to having no fat), it had quite a distinctive flavour, which was rather nice. Would I have it again? Yes I would, but I would like to find out a proper Kangeroo recipe as I don’t think my cooking did it justice. Also I would like to find out about kangaroo meat in general, is it ‘farmed’ correctly for example.

2015-08-17 20.05.17

 8. Epres Rudi

A pack of these sweet treats were given to us by an Hungarian Friend. They were a bit weird to say the least and although I didn’t particularly like it, others in the family did.

Dark Chocolate (but I am not sure it was ‘real’ chocolate) covered a sort of marshmallowy consistancy, (but it wasn’t marshmallow) and in the centre was a kind of liquidy jelly (a bit like what you find in those fruit sweets at Christmas time).

I guess the fact that I cannot describe it means that it was a completly new taste, so a big thumbs up for the challenge if not for the food.

2015-08-06 13.19.37 2015-08-06 13.19.59

9. Xinxim

 A surprise entry and probably my favourite! On a night away in Brighton, my buddy and I happened upon a Mexican restaurant. I could lie and say we looked at the menu but I admit it was the two-for-one cocktails that really tempted us in.

Everything on the menu sounded delicious but I was determined to strike something off my list. How about this beauty! 

Chicken and. Crayfish in a creamy lime and peanut sauce with Spring onion rice, fine green beans and coconut farofa and sweet plantain. It was marvellous. Must go back again. The restaurant was Los Iguanas.  Well worth a visit. 



10. Black Cabbage

I had hoped to finish this challenge with a spectacular exotic food but it is not the case. I also know that when I stop ‘looking’, I shall find lots of different kinds of food. So found this in Sainsburys.

Black cabbage, well it was dark green and fairly stringy. But it was okay, and although I would have liked more of a whoop whoop moment but there you go. 

To reach ten was a real struggle….Have you tried any of the above and if so what did you think?

What haven’t you tried and would like to?


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