Sometime this week I shall become a Grand-Nanny!

Sometime this week I am about to be a Grand-Nanny! And I couldn’t be more excited and proud.

No not a blood Grandmother, thankfully I am a few years (I hope) away from that yet.

It is funny how things work out. When I first left college in the 1980s, despite being under qualified I was very fortunate to obtain a job working as a Nanny for three wonderful children. When I began work, the eldest had just started school, the middle was at part time Nursery and the youngest Sophie was just 18 months old.

I was their Nanny for only three years, I worked full-time and part-time, through thick and thin, at one point I even had two nannying jobs at the same time. I was so lucky, I loved those kids as my own but eventually I had to move on when Sophie went to school.

I am incredibly blessed to still part of their lives, not only do I think the world of the children (now adults) but their parents are best friends of mine too. They have over the years embraced me into their family and I consider them all part of mine.

Time moves forward, I continued to be in touch with them over the years. I even lived with them for a time. I saw those children throughout their growing up years  grow and mature.

Then of course, came my 9 years in Hong Kong where I only saw my precious second family each summer. here I feel I missed a chunk of their growing up but they were very involved in my wedding, Sophs was my beautiful bridesmaid, the boys did readings and their poor Mum spent an hour ironing the ton of fabric in my wedding dress on the morning of the big day.  It all cemented the bond I have with them.
Now they are all adults and have their own lives and I am thrilled that they still see me as part of their brood, they visit my family whenever possible.  and we still support each other wherever possible.

Sophie’s wedding in 2013 was a wonderful event and Chris her hubby is just right for her.

Sophie and Chris

Now Sophie and Chris are on the cusp of being parents. ‘Blueberry’ is due on the 26th so could make an appearance any day!  Blueberry is actually pink, and this little girl is eagerly awaited by us all. My thoughts are constantly with Sophie and cannot wait to see her and Chris and meet the bundle of joy in the next few days.

I cannot wait to be a Grand Nanny! bring it on.

Read Sophie’s blog here

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