Work an hour a month for Charity #101in1001 #20

When I set out my 101 challenges back in 2014 I had no idea how difficult some of them would be to achieve, not because the challenge is hard but because timing just doesn’t work out. If I had to set myself some other goals I would be far more realistic.

Doing something everyday for a week is fair enough, if you fail you just start again but doing something every month or every week for the entire challenge just shy of three years is impossible.

A certain amount of tweaking is surely allowed?

In this case for example, I had this crazy idealistic idea that once a month or so I would pop down to town and work in a Charity Shop or sweep out the kennels at the RSPCA or something. Of course it didn’t happen, for 18months of the time I could barely walk.

Do I mark it down as a fail? Or change the challenge to something more achievable?

The 101in1001 challenge lasts for 33months right? So I am going to do 33 hours of charity work. No, I shall round that up to 40 hours to allow for the tweaking.

The next thing to do was to find a Charity that I was passionate about, is there are SO many worthwhile charities out there, how do you choose which charity, children, healthcare, homeless there is also a case for the Arts! How could I choose the most worthwhile charity to dedicate my hard earned time and cash on.

I have also decided that my 40 hours must be where I have actually ‘helped’ and doesn’t include participating in, attending or contributing to charity events that other people have organised, such as attending charity concerts, quizzes and Race for life etc, these things I do regularly anyway.

Helping to organise the Mayor’s Charity events.

Quiz posterMurder Mystery 2










Being a good friend of Nick Hodges the mayor of East Grinstead (2014-2015), I agreed to help him with raising money for his chosen charities during his term of office.

He chose as his charities the East Grinstead Museum and Cardiac Risk in the Young.

During Nick’s time as mayor we ran:

  • a charity curry night,
  • a quiz night,
  • a murder mystery and
  • the Mayor’s Ball.

Town Mayors Charity Ball 2015

I ran social media campaigns for each events and worked closely with the Mayor’s Secretary too.

Amount raised : £12,000 split evenly between the charities

Hours approx 40-50

Running for Ronnie


Six of my friends decided to run the London Marathon in 2015 in memory of Ronnie Montgomery who died tradgically of cancer.

No no no I wasn’t going to run but I was quite happy to again run their Social Media and build them a website to help their cause.

Amount raised (by the runners – not me)

Time probably approx 10-15 hours.


Raising money for the Lourdes Redshirts.

My daughter needed to raise £750 to enable her to become one of the Redshirt at Lourdes this summer. And before you say ‘She is not a registered Charity’ – I am very well aware of this. However I add this to the list because the 4 girls are going to be working FOR a charity, the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton Lourdes Pilgrimage Trust.

They will be assisting the pilgrims on their journey and helping out generally it hopefully will be a fantastic experience for the girls.

To help them with their fundraising we have organised various cake sales, raffles and organised a Charity Curry Night at

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