I must improve my Blog – are you kidding? #101in1001

Blogging challenges….

Ok when do I stop working on this challenge?

Fact is, because I have been so hell-bent on this doing this challenge, most of the others on my 101in1001 list have been neglected. Blogging is the sole reason why I have, to date, completed less than half of my challenges. Oh well, I don’t care that much – I love it.

I can tell that you are confused. This blog that you are reading isn’t that great, I only post occasionally and in fits and starts, when I picked my challenges I did envision that Sammioneill was going to become huge and I was going to be the middle aged equivalent of Zoella. Hahahaha *kidding.

This was my first blog but within it’s first year it was bulging with so much theatre related material that I needed to built a second blog www.theatresoutheast.com and now this one takes up each and every spare moment of my day and night.

#61 Expand my blog

Sammioneill doesn’t get many views now (everyone say awwww) because I spend my time pushing Theatre South East (everyone say hooray!), I find it easier publicising theatre related material more than personal things. I think perhaps I am too private for a personal blog.

But that is not all, Since this challenge started I have built several other blogs as well, I have built blogs for Redhurst School of Dancing, The East Grinstead Catholic Parish and also have done a couple of smaller projects Running for Ronnie & In the beginning. My latest project is www.theatrebloggers.co.uk – am I spreading myself too thin. Hmmm maybe.

They keep me busy and I can definitely say that #61 challenge ‘Expand my blog’ is complete.

My Sites

#63 Get a logo for my business / website

But that is not all, again Sammioneill didn’t get a logo, but Theatre South East got a striking logo from Jo Digby designs. Regular readers will see that it has recently reversed it’s colours from White on a coral background to the other way round, this is to hopefully make it  look a little more business like and less girly.

Theatre South East Coral


#59 Blog at least once a month

Although I theoretically need to continue challenge #59 Blog at least once a month until I finish this challenge next January, I am going to mark it off now. I have a good reason, over a 500 good reasons,  many posts go up on Theatre South East each day, they may not be what I originally thought but I am sticking by them.

Theatre Banner

#52 Go to the Theatre once a month

Hmm lastly today I am ticking off another challenge that shouldn’t finish until next January but it seems crazy not to. It also shows how much my life has changed since compiling the list.

I started my 101in1001 list because my life was in a rut and I was getting bored fast. Despite having a passion for theatre, I rarely went so I challenged myself to go once a month for the duration of the challenge.

Once a month… My oh my I average twice a week at the moment. Not bad going. Here is a list of the things I have seen.

in 2015

in 2016 – so far go to www.theatreSouthEast.com

In conclusion

I would say that blogging has taken over my life, but it is a huge part of it and I although I need to make a effort to complete the rest of my list, I feel happy and content that my blogging challenges have turned my life around. I have learned that there is always a new project and something exciting to do.

Sammi x

These challenges are part of my 101in1001 list. 101 things to do in 1001 days. I am only 40% through the challenges and the challenge ends next January (where did that 3 years go? – oh yes blogging and in the theatre :D)

Any tips to get me through the final 60% will be gladly received.

You can read the full list here.











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