#101in1001 Update – 50% done

This is part of my 101 things to do in 1001 days project! You can see the complete list here Please help in any way you can – inspiration, guidence, or just encouragement – it all helps.

40% – 50% of tasks

#3 Write all my bad memories on paper, burn this paper afterwards

#39 Watch a Sporting event I have never seen before.

#46 Go to a Karaoke Bar

#52 Go to the theatre at least once a month

#59 Blog at least once a month

#61 Expand my Blog

#63 Get a logo for my business / website

#77 Go to Sleep on a Boat

#78 Visit family in South Wales

#83 Go to Wales, Scotland or Ireland.

of the rest….

Challenges are ongoing and on track

Stll doing my jigsaws, started my cross stitch and colouring book, watching the movies, reading the book club books (although we seem to do more drinking than reading). I am compiling my list of songs and building up my walking strength. Still a long way to go though.

Challenges have not been started

of which several I have not a hope of completing and I shall need to tweak or change them.

Weight – lose a Stone – needs tweaking the challenge was too ambiguous – I lost it, but now I have put it on again 😦      Yo-yo weight is me.

The travel challenges – I need to be realistic

Lady Macbeth – no decent speeches – and why? It is hardly going to enhance my life is it?

Improve posture – too ambiguous – How do I measure that?

Exercise once a week – help!!! Health issues have got in the way. Happy to start something but how do I tweak the last 3 years of doing nothing?

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30% – 40% of tasks
20% – 30% of tasks
10% – 20% of tasks
0% -10% of tasks



2 comments on “#101in1001 Update – 50% done

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