Set to join the workforce again

Get A Regular Job #101in1001

I have been very lucky in my working life. I had years of working in education, took a long break for the children and for the last three years I have been doing the administration for several small businesses including a dance school and an art school.

My office has been our spare bedroom, don’t get me wrong it is a very nice room but stuck in there day in and day out it gets very claustrophobic. It is also rather lonely being in there, even when you look forward to the children coming home from school it is a little disconcerting when they want to chillax after a long day socialising and are not at all communicative towards me.

My little business is doing OK, I like what I do and I have plenty to keep me occupied but certain things have been getting me down recently and not just the loneliness. The juggling between clients, the lack of IT equipment and support and not having a consistently regular wage which makes any future planning difficult.

So now the children are grown, more independent and more expensive, the time has come to join the workforce once again.

It has not been an easy decision. The thought of going ‘out’ to work after 17 years seems quite daunting. I have only formally applied for a couple of jobs in that period and didn’t get either, so I was a little nervous.

It has all happened very fast. Last weekend I was in the predicament of having 3 job offers laid out before me! All very different and each having their advantages and disadvantages. It was so hard weighing it up, because the terms were beyond comparison. But in the end I finally took the plunge and accepted my first (near enough) full-time position in 17 years!

Although the job that I finally chose was the only temporary one on the table (I am covering a maternity leave) I believe it ticks all the boxes. The others were fabulous opportunities, permanent and with really good prospects. I feel a fool turning them down as they would have fit into my lifestyle really well and I may yet live to regret my decision but the fact remains that I would have still been sitting in our spare bedroom, swearing at the computer wondering what the outside world is actually like.

Apart from certain lost opportunities there are other casualties, my theatre going shenanigans will need to be curtailed for a while, this blog will become even more neglected and the thought of getting up and out to work fills me with dread. I shall get used to it though and I am positive that a set routine will do me and my family the world of good.

I am excited and itching to get started (on Monday – eek). It is not going to be easy. I have not had ‘colleagues’ for many years and I am used to doing things my own way when I want to do them. At the same time I am excited to be learning new things.

Bring it on!



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