#101in1001- My time is up!

As you will see from my previous post, in September I got myself a temporary job which I am LOVING but because it is only temporary I have kept my usual clients as well so doing twice the hours.

Working 50-60 hours a week as well have trying to fit in the family has meant my blogging ,theatre-going AND working on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days came to an abysmal end. Many things were nearing completion and not completed, others not started.

It is the 17th January, the challenge is over.

Offically I completed half of my challenges.

You can read about my completed challenges here

0-10%10-20%, 20-30%, 30-40% and 40-50%



Unofficially I was much nearer my goal. I completed quite a few more on the list but didn’t get around to blogging about them – so I am going to tick them off anyway.


8. Learn a new word every day for a month
Done but I wanted to blog about it – it is in my drafts folder. Stand buy for a blog one day – will do this again.

14. Get a regular job PASS! and by the way I am loving it, when the job comes to an end I shall be on the hunt for employment, self employment is not all it is cracked up to be.

15. Wear lipstick every day for  a week.  PASS, I do it for work 😀

29. Complete a jigsaw every school holiday.
Arghhhhhh I have done one EVERY school holiday until I got my job so missed the last two (Feb half term and Christmas) but hell, I think that’s a PASS

40. Visit 5 local restaurants I have never been to.
Did this but didn’t blog about them: The Gurhka, Paglio, The Cat, The Cherry Tree, Roochi PASS

46. Go to a Karaoke bar.
OHMY! I so did this – no blog, but the greatest time! PASS

51. Read every book club suggestion cover to cover.
Yes! Even though at my book club (like many others) there is more bubbly drunk than anything else. Have reviewed a few on this site and the blog is pending PASS

77. Sleep on a boat
A bit of a cheat but I did fall fast asleep on the Portsmouth to Cherbourg ferry. PASS

79. Visit a city in the UK that I have never been to before.
Went to Canterbury, picked up a tonne of info to blog about it too, but haven’t. PASS

80. Ride on the Bluebell
Again – did it but blogless. PASS

81. Go to a foreign city not visited before.
Mahon as part of our 2014 holiday. PASS

So I finished an extra 11 making the grand total 61%, to be honest a little disappointing but I have had a great time.

I tried – I really did and ALLLLMOST completed them

24. Sort photos
What a mammoth job – started but no way finished.  TRIED – will carry over finishing it.

26. Complete a colouring book
Started and not finished – BORING. TRIED may carry it over if I can’t think of anythign better.

27. Do a cross stitch
Started not finished. TRIED – will carry over finishing it.

32. Make an itunes list of my 101 fav songs
Started but no way finished.  TRIED – will carry over finishing it.

43. Learn to identify all the flowers in the garden.
No closer – I started but I am killing them all anyway, so won’t need to do it soon. #kidding TRIED – I shall do a gardening challenge next time – but not sure what.

58. Learn how to use Photoshop.
In my current job I have started, but I have only just scratched the surface. TRIED – will carry over finishing it.

62. Sort out all my email addresses and passwords.
Nope, usual excuses, started not finished. TRIED – will carry over finishing it.

65. Make a birthday cake for someone.
Made many, but meant to do a special one or one for someone who was not expecting it.   TRIED  – will carry over.

76. Go to Paris.
Driven through it on the periferic but unfortunately didn’t stop. TRIED – will carry over finishing it.

So cross these were not completed – so near and yet so far, this would have made 70% – a far more respectable score.


6. Lose a Stone.
I did! (due to some dodgy medication) and put in on again, I am now even heavier than 1001 days ago FAIL – will carry over, but will reword the challenge.

7.Speak to a crowd of over a 100 people
I put this one in because 1001 days ago, I had lost all confidence and although I would have easily done this in the past, I couldn’t imagine being as confident again. I am OK now I think but havenm’t really had the opportunity to complete this challenge. FAIL – will carry over.

9. Count to ten in ten different languages
Printed them off – never learnt them – FAIL – waste of time better things to do, like errrr learn a language!

10. Perform 5 random acts of kindness
I believe I have done this – regularly, but I wanted them to be bigger things and more impressive, how do you quantify this? FAIL – will carry over, but will reword the challenge.

12. Decorate the lounge
FAIL – we haven’t decorated anywhere! We are rubbish at DIY. The lounge is still my most hated room. FAIL – will carry over.

13. Do ten nice things for people without telling them.
Again how do you quantify this? I tried a few bigish things but people always guessed. FAIL – will carry over, but will reword the challenge.

16, 17 and 18. Have a day out with each of the children individually
The ones I am MOST ashamed about – in THREE AND A HALF YEARS we haven’t had the opportunity.CRAZY! FAIL – will carry over.

19. Have 24 hours away from the children with hubby.
Nope! Not had the opportunity, we did however have a night away with friends at a Kid’s in Need charity dinner which was FAB! FAIL – will carry over.

21. Do an online course leading to a qualification
Haven’t had the time while trying to build up my business. I wouldn’t put this on again, although I would like to do more qualifications. But I would go out and get them, I now need to GET AWAY from the computer. FAIL

23. Sort LPs
Why haven’t I done this? It would be so much fun, especially now vinyl is ‘back in’, which it wasn’t when I started the challenge.FAIL – will carry over.

30. Make something crafty.
FAIL – will carry over.

33. Ride a rollercoaster that goes upside down
No opportunity. FAIL – will carry over.

35. Watch an entire box set of a TV series
No time! seriously – life is too short, was going to count finishing Downtown Abbey which I loved but didn’t blog about it. Hmmm… May try again. FAIL – will carry over.

36. Memorise Lady Macbeth’s speech.
Again – life is too short, couldn’t be bothered. FAIL

45. Host a Murder Mystery Evening
Tried, but we couldn’t find a mutual date so it slipped by the wayside, FAIL – will carry over.

47. Organise an adult’s lazerquest party.
I was a bit scuppered because our local lazer place closed, now it has opened under a new management so, you never know. I joined in with a teenage one when it was my daughter’s 17th – does that count? FAIL – will carry over.

48. Go on an organised walking tour of a city or place.
Nope – Keep meaning to do the theatre ones in London. FAIL – will carry over.

50. See a taping of a TV show.
Applied for a few but didn’t get offered seats. FAIL – will carry over.

56. Take Jo to see Les Mis
Unfortunately no. but I WILL do one day. FAIL – will carry over.

66. No junk food for a month
This challenge caused quite a lot of discussion. What is ‘junk food’? Where do you draw the line? If it is ‘fast food’ I have certainly passed if it means from fast food outlets? But what about home cooked ‘fast food’? What about pizza? which is fattening but ‘can’ be healthy. It was a minefield.  FAIL – the challenge needs re-wording.

71. Open a cookbook at a randon page and cook whatever is on it.
What a simple challenge to do but I didn’t get round to doing it. I have cooked many new recipes but they were all planned and never random. FAIL – will carry over.

75. Try sugarcraft for cakes.
If I haven’t done any new craft #no30 then I definitely haven’t done this. Not sure I ever will. FAIL

82. Go outside of Europe
Nope. FAIL – will carry over.

84. See a sunrise from a beautiful location.
Never up in time 😀 FAIL – will carry over.

85. Camp
Are you kidding? This is getting less and less likely. FAIL – will carry over.

90. Improve posture.
It is getting worse if anything, due to spending hours at a desk however once again the question is how can you measure it? FAIL – needs rewording

92. Go on a ten mile hike.
Kept meaning to get fit, I am very sad I didn’t manage this one. FAIL – will carry over.

98. An hour of exercise each week.

101. Save £5 for every completed task.
Nope! FAIL

Failed 29.
of which
6 were outright fails.
18 I would carry over and try to do next time.
5 need tweaking to make possible

Would I do it again – most definitely! My list of challenges has been great fun and above all gave me focus and determination and got me out of a huge rut, I have changed life direction. Which to be honest was the point.

Without DayZeroProject’s #101in1001 there would be no Theatre South East, there would be no #theatrebloggers and I have met countless new people who I can call my friends and I have had a thoroughly amazing time.

Once I am working less I shall definitely compile another list:

I shall

  • re-do some of the challenges, I have already done
  • Carry over many of the challenges I didn’t complete.
  • things of new and exciting things to do – the list now is ENDLESS!

I have discussed doing one at the same time as my gorgeous friend Mrs D so we can spur each other on. Cannot wait!

2 comments on “#101in1001- My time is up!

  1. Yes! We will definitely do one together. You did a lot better than I did in my first one, but I think I put a lot on my first that I didn’t really want to do in the first place! Will get my thinking cap on for new ones

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