Plant Bulbs #101in1001 #46

If you followed my last challenge you will know that I am not a gardener. I even pledged to learn the names of the plants in the garden and failed that task royally, if I had added that task this time it would be a lot easier because I have killed most of the garden now.

I despair. We have a good size garden and it was absolutely lovely when we first moved in. We do our best in the time we have available but it is half-hearted because neither my husband and I really enjoy working on it. Although sitting in it on a sunny day is nice. We have been in our house 4 years now and the garden is a shadow of its former self.

Things must change… I have to start sometime. OK perhaps, November isn’t the best time to get inspired but I have to take baby steps.

On Sunday I had a terrible backache and could hardly move, Why? Because I spent the afternoon planting 150+ daffodil and Tulip bulbs which hopefully will bring a splash of colour to the garden in the spring.

I LOVE daffodils, I love the colour yellow, it is such a cheery optimistic colour, generally, I am not a winter person, I thrive in the sunshine so there is nothing more optimistic than the appearance of beautiful daffodils in the springtime.

For years I Have always bought cut daffodils from the supermarket on 1st March in memory of my grandmother, one of the nicest kindest women who ever lived. I was born on her birthday and she died on Christmas Eve 1992, she was born in Wales so I love to commemorate St David’s Day in her honour.

100 bulbs went into the garden this afternoon, the bulbs were actually bought last year so I am hoping they are OK. If not I shall try again with fresh bulbs next year. I would love a garden full of daffodils.

I did buy some tulip bulbs today, partly because I am not 100% confident that the daffs are OK and secondly some lovely red flowers will really compliment the yellow. Fingers crossed anyway, I hope it is worth the backache.

Being very optimistic, I have also bought some onions and Broad beans for planting another day.

Thanks to the lovely Sophie from LifeasMrsD for all her gardening tips 😀

Sammi x

Planting bulbs in the garden was challenge #46 of my #101in1001 challenges and the first to be completely ticked off.
You can read my other challenges here.

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