Open a cookbook to a random page and cook whatever is on it #101in1001 #20

Ashamedly this was on my last list of 101 things to do in 1001 days and I didn’t ever get around to doing it. I don’t know why. It was such an easy task to tick off.

I have more than a few recipe books. Some are falling apart because they have been used so much, some have barely been opened. I grabbed 5 randomly off the shelf and asked my daughter to name a number 1-5, the book she randomly chose was Jamie Oliver’s Dinners. This was a book bought years ago from The Book People and apart from two delicious pasta dishes (working girls’ pasta and pasta peperonata) the book hasn’t been used much. If I opened this book it would have automatically fallen open on one of these two pages.

Jamie Oliver’s Dinners 307 pages of recipes, I honestly didn’t mind whether the recipe chosen was a main course, a dessert or something else, I didn’t even mind if I had cooked it before, the criteria was that it was completely chosen at random. My daughter chose a page number page 217. It turned out to be:

Super Tasty Spanish Roast Chicken.

This recipe gives a new twist to a Sunday lunch. My roast dinners rarely change apart from the meat, we have mint sauce with lamb, applesauce with pork, stuffing with chicken and turkey (turkey also has cranberries of course), no-one like horseradish so beef goes ungarnished. Our standard roast also includes loads of veggies, roast potatoes and we have Yorkshires every time, regardless of the meat.

I have made many chicken and chorizo recipes before, the two tastes go well together I have put them in a pasta dish, rice, even pizza but I have never roasted a chicken with chorizo before, I don’t know why, it seems obvious. This recipe also throws in plenty of lemons as well giving the dish a fresh Mediterranean taste quite unlike a usual stodgy roast.

The meat is placed on top of the potatoes which also worked well and saved oven space.

The dish was delicious. We had family round so I added a few chicken breasts to the pot so that we had enough meat. It was liked and appreciated by all. Definitely, a recipe to pick up and do again.

Thanks, Jamie! A pleasure to tick this challenge off the list.

I am such a terrible blogger. I ALWAYS forget to take photos particularly when I am enjoying myself, in this case, enjoying eating. You will have to content yourselves with imagining what it looked like. I shall probably cook the recipe again, if I do, I shall add a picture next time #badblogger.

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