My 101 in 1001 Challenge 10% Update

I can’t believe that I am 10% through my challenge in just over a month. Actually, I can, the last time I attempted a 101in1001 challenge I did exactly the same.

I ticked the one-off challenges quite quickly, pottered along with the midrange ones and then ground to halt near the end.

The idea behind 101in1001 is easy, set yourself 101 challenges to complete in 1001 days, they can be big / small / anything at all.

You can read my list of things to try and accomplish before July 2020 here. here.

So… My first ten challenges are listed below – it is going to get an awful lot tougher from now on…

Here they are:

Go to an out-of-Sussex swimming competition. #13

I didn’t even realise I had ticked this off until after the event. One of my sons swims for East Grinstead Swim Club. He enjoys galas and has a few times good enough to swim against other children all over Sussex. The club was recently in a league event and we travelled to Bexleyheath, later I learn this is in Kent. Tick!

Open a cookbook at a random page and cook whatever is on it #19

This was a failed challenge from my last list that I carried over, ridiculous really it was so easy. I had to cook a lovely Jamie Oliver Spanish Roast Chicken Recipe – yum yum. Read more here

Drink a litre of water every day for a week (and try and make it a habit)  #20

This was a challenge I really wanted to do because I know that I don’t drink enough water. I started on day one and I found it reasonably easy, so yes, the challenge is continuing, I drink at LEAST a litre every day but try and drink even more.
Read more about the challenge

Don’t drink alcohol for a month #24

Not as hard as you think, and your liver feels so much better Read more about the challenge here.

Give up caffeine for a week #28

Urgh – not a challenge I enjoyed or coped well with. I love my tea! Read about my week from hell here

Plant bulbs #45

Theoretically I want to write a blog about EACH of the challenges, but practically that would be tedious to do and even more boring to read. But this challenge was the first I blogged about. You can read the blog here.

Leave an inspirational note in a book #59

Oooooh I enjoyed this one, it is something I have wanted to do for ages. I chose airmail writing paper (remember that?) and wrote what I consider an inspirational note. I used a couple of quotes from my pinterest quoteboard, I put this board together for my last 101in1001 challenge and often refer to it for inspiration.

Once the note was written I placed it inside a book I enjoy and took it along with to a charity shop. I won’t tell you which book or shop but it is there and I feel quite warm when I imagine someone reading it eventually.

Get a Sammi signature for my blogs #71

This has been MOST frustrating. I did some research, chose this method, signed my name, put it on a transparent background and thought I was all set. It DOES work for most websites but for this website the theme puts a shadow around the image!

I cannot fix it unless I pay for an upgrade because a free wordpress site (like this one) does allow editing of code.

So near and yet so far. I am ticking it off because I don’t intend paying for this site.

Complete 5 tasks in a week #100

The bulbs, drinking water, both notes and my signature were all signed off in a week so I can now sign off this challenge! Yippee!

Write a letter for when the 1001 days is up #101

And the first challenge I cannot prove because the letter is from me to me and it is quite personal. It talks about my hopes and fears for the next three years. I have printed it off and hidden it. Haha just hope I shall remember where on July 29th 2020!

So the first and the last tasks are ticked off. Now it is everything inbetween. I have started but not completed quite a few:

I am part way through my 100 Happy Days,
I have cooked 3 new recipes,
I have given my first 25 things to a Charity Shop,
I have bought 1 big issue
I am becoming slightly more proficient in photoshop and Indesign,
I am trying to touch my toes each day, still nowhere near but getting closer.
I have made my Christmas cake but I am waiting to ice it.

Here’s to the next 20% of completed challenges 😀

Sammi x

8 comments on “My 101 in 1001 Challenge 10% Update

  1. You put me to shame!! I really need to try harder with mine, but life has been a bit complicated recently! Need to look at my list again and see what are easy ones to tick off!

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