My 100 Happy Days #Days 20-40

The idea behind 100 Happy Days is simple. Take a photo or find an image of something that makes you happy for 100 days in a row. The idea is simple but sometimes the challenge is hard.

OK I admit that often I am posting a day late, I told that I am rubbish at taking photos, getting better though.

Two-fifths of the way through I have had a few adventures. Here’s a link to my first 20 days and here is a rundown of days 20-40.

20. A lovely night in watching Children in Need.

21.  A new cut and colour, this was really needed, I am feeling rather drab at the moment.

22. This chart is our cribsheet for swimming competitions, the more green the better, two more County times ticked off today.

23. My first cup of tea in a week – heaven! Blog post coming soon.

25. Gosh I love this girl, she moved away from East Grinstead a couple of years ago and it was so so worth the drive to go and see her.

26. Daughter has passed her driving theory – what a girl!

27. After a long day this double chocolate cupcake was just the ticket!

28. At Becca’s 18th birthday party, she even invited the oldies – but us oldies rock!

29. We always play board games at Christmas – this is a must this year, what a giggle.

30. Always hate doing my tax return, it is such a relief when it is sent off.

31. On a crazy low-fibre diet. Not FRUIT OR VEG OR SALAD, but the good news I was allowed lots of junk, chocolate, white bread, pasta….Lucky the diet was only for 4 days.

32. A beautiful winter’s morning. This photo was taken from our garden, so lucky to have such a lovely view.

33. This is how I felt after hearing some very good news. On instagram and twitter it is a little gif. But it proved difficult posting it on here, so I made do with a screenshot instead.

34. Relaxing in an evening – rarely have time to do jigsaws, this one I started 15months ago during my last 101in1001 challenges.

35. Completed another Challenge – I have been without alcohol for a month. Read how I got on here. Celebrated the end by being a little naughty while watching a swimming gala.

36.  Got to be honest, it was a little tough finding a ‘happy thought’ on this day, however a quick once around the garden shows me that there are many beautiful things around even when you are feeling low.


37. One of my favourite buddies came for the day, lots of chatter and fun.

38. Officially finished 10% of my 101 challenges YAY!

39. Organised a raffle for our dance school, enjoying telling the winners they have won.

40. Tree up, getting ready for Christmas now!



So that’s days 20-40 days, 61 to go! Have a go at 100 Happy Days yourself and send me a link so that I can follow how you are getting one.

Check out my Instagram feed for all the photos daily, you can also find them on twitter but you may have to dig as I tweet and retweet at random. Give me a follow while you are there!

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