My 100 Happy Days #Days 60-80

The idea behind 100 Happy Days is simple. Take a photo or find an image of something that makes you happy for 100 days in a row. The idea is simple but sometimes the challenge is hard.

Here are days 60-80 I cannot believe how time is flying, however, I suppose that Christmas in the middle speeded things up no end.

61. Felt crook over Christmas and New Year but thankfully my sister-in-law was staying (who is a Dr). Did she recommend any particular drugs? No, but she did make me plenty of these delicious honey and lemon drinks, far stronger than I have ever made them, they were really comforting.

62. Kids and hubby all went off to watch the latest in the Star Wars franchise. Leaving me and my lovely friend Jo to catch up. Haven’t chatted in so so long so it was really nice.

63. A lovely couple of days in Northampton, shame we cannot visit more often.

64. Christmas pressie from hubby processed. Isle of Wight here I come again!

65. Spent New Year’s Eve with this LOVELY couple, They have recently moved back to the UK from a 4-year stint in Singapore. So so so glad they have returned,

66. It is early (New Year’s Day) but Christmas is all packed up and ready to go into the attic for another year. Cannot see the point in delaying until twelfth night, after Christmas everything seems so cluttered.

67. New Year also means a new Profile Pic, no photogenic and not at all confident, I often struggle to find a nice photo, This one was taken by my daughter in the restaurant Jeremy’s celebrating my brother-in-laws 70th.

68. After a Christmas break we are back to swim training and although it was REALLY difficult getting up at 5.30 it is nice to get back to a routine.

69. saying goodbye to a table which has served us well. But getting ready for a brand new none slanting one

70. Fab night at the Swim Club presentation evening. Three cups and oodles of certificates.

71. Cinema trip to see The Greatest Showman, I absolutely LOVED it.

72.  Quiet afternoon feeling very indulgent watching a DVD of the recent West End production of Miss Saigon

73. Quite amused to see what my son has been up to with his swimming ribbons. A magnificent wall display

74. Bubble bath and then snuggled up into my favourite onesie. Love it when hubby comes home early and does the activity run.

75. The Absolute Radio breakfast show is always funny to listen to and brightens up any morning but this morning was particularly funny as Christian and Ritchie discussed whether Connect 4 was a board game or not.

76. Spent some time this evening talking to my son about the place he was born (Hong Kong). It was lovely reminiscing and teaching him about the wonderful place.

77. After a few troubles I finally nailed this delicious mushroom soup in my new Salter soupmaker.

78. Another day another pool. Today I am at the Prince Regent pool in Brighton watching son smash his PBs.

79. Plugging in the WiiFit so that I can start my new exercise regime. I can dream right?

80. Today I have been working on a Uniform order. Taking in deliveries of such lovely items is so much fun. All very pretty.

Only one more happy days post to go (80-100), I have really enjoyed it! Have a go at 100 Happy Days yourself and send me a link so that I can follow how you are getting one.

If you want to see how my first 60 days went you can read the posts here.

Days 1-20  | Days 20-40 | Days 40-60

Check out my Instagram feed for all the photos daily, you can also find them on twitter but you may have to dig as I tweet and retweet at random. Give me a follow while you are there!

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