My 100 Happy Days – Days 81-100

That’s it, it is all done, and I must admit that the 100 days went by incredibly quickly. Almost tempted to carry on, however there are lots of other challenges I want to sink my teeth into.

If YOU have featured in one of my happy days, I truly thank you. I thank you for being there and I thank you for being part of my life.

I have truly loved the 100Happy Days challenge, it has been lovely finding something joyful in the mundane.

Here are my final offering days 81-100

81. I am very lucky to live at the edge of some beautiful countryside. This is just a snap shot taken of my journey to work.

82. Been a little obsessed with channel 4s ‘Elizabeth I’ starring Helen Mirren. Been watching it virtually 10 minutes a night for days….

83. First signs of Spring make me so so happy. Not least because I love daffodils, they are my favourite flower.

84. After numerous phone calls and complaints, we now have our new table hip hip hooray!

85. A busy morning window shopping, so we treated the children to a meal at the local harvester.

86. There is NOTHING like a real fire, I really do adore them. This may be the last one we have in our house as we are considering an overhaul of our lounge so I savoured every second of it.

87. Sometimes we all need to stop and reflect, I did this today at Starbucks before doing my shopping. It was very therapeutic.

88. Son home from Air Cadets and all inspired to start his DofE. His turn for a challenge now. Bring it on.

89. After a tough day it is lovely to see our daughter thinks of us sometimes.

90. After weeks of travelling before daybreak it is fantastic to at least be picking up from morning training in the light again.

91. Catching up with my girlfriend for coffee, sorely needed. We put the world to rights as always.

92. The most wonderful family in the world came to visit today, we had lots of fun playing but I love this photo of Isla being guarded by the fairies.

93. A swim victory! My son’s relay team is the third fastest in Sussex #offical

94. My hubby won the hospital raffle! What a scream 😀 I daren’t ask how much the ticket was.

95. During a stressful time at the hospital, it is grand to see things are improving, a small tub of ice cream seems a really big thing.

96. It has been a really long day (and fairly stressful) so this glass of wine in the evening was really welcome. #cheers

97. A trip to the Assembly Hall Theatre today to talk theatre, I have really missed this wonderful place and town. Been talking about the new build which will be VERY exciting.

98. A bunch of my very good friends. We started as a PTA, then became a Bookclub and we are now known as a bubbly club, I wonder why?

99. We have got an event at work on Monday and I am cooking. Here is the vegan option, a big curry and it tastes delicious!

100. The best news today. Mother in law is improving and they are talking about moving her from the hospital to a rehabilitation unit.



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