Hello? Is anybody there?

My poor old blog.

My poor old sad neglected blog.

It was going so well, my 101 challenges were on track, I was beginning to review again and I had so many plans for the future, activities to do and blogs to write.

Then I disappeared like a puff of smoke. Not a murmur written in six months.

So where have I been?

Followers of my twitter and Instagram feeds will have picked up that I was spending a lot of time at the hospital, but I didn’t really go into detail. Now is the time to say…

The NHS are bloody marvellous!

This has been a really tough six months starting just after Christmas when my Mother in law took ill, she lost all appetite and didn’t eat or drink for several days.

An ambulance was called and our journey began.

My mother-in-law has lived with multiple sclerosis for many years therefore has a lot of underlying health problems. When she was diagnosed with having intussuseption (a condition usually diagnosed in infants) we were disappointed to hear that she was to old and frail to be operated on.

During our time in hospital she caught pneumonia three times, battled with severely low potassium and blood pressure, UTIs and heart failure. Although we nearly lost her on a couple of occasions she didn’t give up and neither did the doctors, medical staff, and carers.

As one cure seemed to set off a different set of symptoms we were passed from pillar to post. We ended up in nine specialist wards in three hospitals, we were transported by ambulance in snow storms and blazing sunshine and spent an absolute fortune in carparking fees and takeaway coffee. Yet always, ALWAYS, receiving the very best of care.

Thankfully my mother-in-law is now stable and so we are now out of that rut. She is convalescing in a nursing home and continues to get stronger each day. We have a very long way to go but the long-term aim is that she can return home as long as we can keep her safe and well.

So… I am back, I think…

I love writing my blog, when on a roll, it is even more fun than my theatre one (it is nice to be a little ego centric sometimes) but life sure gets in the way.

I want to thank everyone in the following

A&E x 2, AMU x 2, Capel Ward, Charlswood Ward, Tandridge Ward in East Surrey and Sussex Hospital

Horizon Ward in Horsham Hospital

And the wonderful people in Piper Ward, Crawley hospital who became like family…particularly Helen, James, Emma, Irene and Dr Jude and all the other nurses, carers, physios, dietitians etc, far too many to mention but you remain in my heart.

Sammi x

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