Do a Car Boot Sale #101in1001 #47

Some people would call me a hoarder. Every cupboard we have in the house is filled to capacity, we have a huge attic which is packed to the gunnels, we cannot move in the garage (hmmm are garages really for cars?) we even have an outhouse which is also full…of stuff.

But I am not a hoarder, I am just busy…I love to sort things out and having a good clear out. I have been meaning to do so for ages, but life just keeps getting in the way.

Enough was enough, my daughter and I decided to make a start and do a car boot sale last weekend. I used to do car boot sales regularly but have only done two in the last 15years, once when we arrived home from Hong Kong and once 5 years ago when we moved house.

A lot can accumulate in 5years.

We started in the garage, (because it was sunny) we pulled out a few boxes and went through them. Yuk! Unfortunately, some of the boxes of clothes we had stored in the garage had been infiltrated by mice and were thrown immediately in the bin but there was plenty of other boxes with sellable items in.

The boot sale we had chosen opened at 7am so we had to leave 6.15am. Early starts are not my favourite thing to do.

Our quick list of things to take to a car boot sale


A boot full of bits and pieces to try and sell.

  • Bric a brac
  • Toys
  • Clothes (not necessarily ironed but certainly not all screwed up)
  • Books, DVDs.
  • Old electronics

The back seat should have

  • Folding table(s)
  • Coat Rail
  • Cool bag with snacks and water
  • Large flask of coffee
  • Suncream / hat
  • Waterproofs / Tarpaulin

You should also have with you

  • Over the shoulder bag or bum bag containing float (£5, £1 and 50ps)
  • Entry fee to the boot sale
  • Notebook and pen (optional)
  • Stickers or labels and pen (optional)

Setting up

We pitched up as the gates opened (did I mention this was 7am?), I warned my daughter (from previous experience) that power-buyers crowd you as you get things out of the car. Things haven’t changed, I swear the vultures do it to ruffle and maybe distract you. We kept calm and got things out of the car at our own pace (empty the back seats first – now you understand why I pack the car the way I do 😊 ).

Once the initial stampede is over and the power-buyers have scrutinised your belongings to see if there is anything we have valued incorrectly (hahaha – they soon realised all we had was rubbish) things calm down and you set up your stall displaying everything the best you can.


DO NOT have high expectations and expect to get a lot of money. What you think is a really well looked after toy will be reduced to pennies by the experienced bargain hunters. Everyone tries to reduce your prices which is fair enough. If you honestly don’t know what to charge, do a little homework beforehand, look your items up on eBay, Gumtree or Facebook marketplace. As a general rule you will get less at a car boot sale but it is a lot less hassle than the other ways of selling. Homework can also mean you may find something of actual value in your junk too. If in doubt, check first #cashintheattic

Our results!

The morning was good fun, we sold about ¼ of our goods. As we were packing up we put another ¼ into a separate box (backseat) and took it to the charity shop on our ways back home. So OK we took half back home to try and sell again another day.

Did we make any money? Hahaha only about £70 after the entrance fee. And by the time I had given the children the money we made selling their old toys I made a grand total of £16.10. But we had a lovely time sitting in the sun, it was a great experience and better still, the floor of our garage is clear!

P.S. I have since bought A new clothes rail and an extra folding table for next time so I am currently running at a loss.


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