Picnic by the River #101in1001 #95

I have to start this blog with a disclaimer. It wasn’t a river, I ended up having a picnic by a beautiful lake but as it was idyllic in every way, to me it counts.


So why was this challenge on my list? My 101in1001 list is full of tricky challenges, so why this?

Several reasons, Life is too hectic, I never seem to have two minutes to myself. When I do, I relax by either writing this blog or working on Theatre South East or TheateBloggers. I don’t actually go outside very much at all, let alone relax outside.


Secondly, I adore summer and we rarely get good ones in the UK. This year has been exceptional weatherwise and I haven’t stopped to appreciate it at all.


Spending time with my family is a thing I love to do and because we are all stretched doing different things it is rare we come to be in one place. I particularly feel it at the moment with our daughter hopefully going to University in a couple of months.


Who doesn’t like a good picnic? Food glorious food and all bit size nibbles.


So I love sunshine, I love food, I love my family and I love sitting by water (even though I can’t swim) so why not combine the four, surely that would be a perfect day out?

Famalam ft

It was, MAINLY because hubby and all three children had blanked their diaries for my birthday. It was gloriously sunny and we went to wonderful Petworth Park to have our picnic. There wasn’t a river but I am going to count sitting by the lake, watching ducks geese swim past (in the distance and they weren’t too annoying) and watching literally hundreds of fallow deer wander the park.


Despite the beautiful surroundings, the park seemed empty and only the occasional walkers were spotted in the distance.


The food had been packed by the family (including a birthday cake) so I didn’t have to lift a finger, it was a wonderful setting and perfect company. I had a wonderful time sitting in the peace, quiet and with my favourite people. A wonderful birthday indeed.


Sammi x


fallow deer

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