Go to a Dance Class #101in1001 #32

During my last #101in1001 challenge I had exactly the same task and I had a wonderful dance class organised by the cast of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels in the West End. I must admit that I thought this challenge would be a one-off lesson again.

I have always wanted to try tap dancing lessons. It always looks so much fun. I have been trying to persuade the principal of Redhurst Schools of Dancing to run adult classes for ages but it is always difficult finding timetabling space.

When I heard about a new class starting at Chequer Mead I jumped at the chance to learn, my daughter was keen as well so we signed up along with three of my friends.

We tried it for a week or two and then became hooked. We bought tap shoes and although the numbers really fluctuate at the class we are still going 2 months later!

Although it is a ‘beginner’s class’ the people there are either mixed ability OR some of them are picking it up a lot quicker than I am. I consider myself the worst by far in the class but everyone is really friendly and slowly, very slowly I am picking it up and my co-ordination is thankfully is getting better, but oh I have got a VERY long way to go.

The JOY of a paradiddle in my life – and no, this is not me.

I would love to post a video of myself doing something but I am not that confident yet – one day.

The music is varied but always upbeat, I have made a spotify playlist of the songs we use. Some of the songs have since been put on my favourite song list too!


I shall never be a tap dancer but for fun and fitness, I am loving every blooming minute.

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