Dear Friend…

Dear Friend,

Although it was lovely to see you the other night, I wish it could have been in other circumstances. We haven’t ‘caught up’ for a while and I was thrilled to hear you were coming to stay, that was until I heard why…

I dropped my own daughter off at Uni just a couple of weeks ago and I didn’t realise until the moment that I drove away what it is to leave part of you behind. Every mother’s heart must pang as their children leave the nest. Overwhelmed with pride that they are strong and independent but at the same time missing them as though a limb has been severed.

My own mother must have felt the same when I left to live in Hong Kong, I didn’t give it a second thought as I spread my wings, flew and consequentially had the time of my life never looking back.

How you must have felt when you daughter married and moved to the other side of the world doesn’t bear thinking about. We were put on this earth to love and protect our children and when they are not close by it is very difficult to come to terms with.

But when our children are happy, we are. We live for their phone calls and their news, hark at me, she has only been gone two weeks.

But you…You are now not only on the other side of the world to your only daughter but her family too! Two amazing grandchildren to pull on your heartstrings too!

And now she is in trouble. Of COURSE, you had to drop everything and go. That’s what we do, the cost is irrelevant and the 36-hour journey too long. If only they had invented time travel; if only you could snap your fingers.

I am so glad that we live in close proximity to Gatwick and I could help out in a small way, you have been constantly on my mind since I dropped you at the airport. The flight must have felt excruciatingly long but you are there now and I know she will have needed that long hug.

Take time to chat, listen to her, she needs you. The news you are both waiting for may not come for a while and it is hard to be patient. But you are there, her Mum and your place, for the moment is there. I hope that the answers, whatever they may be, come soon so that you can help her rebuild her life but until then, talk, listen and love. You have to be her support, you are her Mum, but please remember to take time for yourself too. No-one can be strong all the time.

Feeling pretty useless at the moment. If you need to offload I am here on Messenger / email etc. If there is anything practical I can do I shall be happy to help. Please just shout, when you are able to fly home I shall be there at Gatwick to collect you and if necessary take you home. It is the least I can do.

Take care my friend. Until your return.

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